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Address to the Nation – Chris Masuak and the Viveiro Wave Riders (I-94 Bar)

address to the nation smIt's been three years since Chris Masuak released his “Brujita” album with his rip-roaring rock combo The Viveiro Wave Riders. A bitter-sweet record that was full of melody, hooks and razor-sharp lyrical daggers. Subtle, Chris was not.

With the new album “Address to the Nation”, there's the sense that he and his band have many gigs under their belt since then The Spanish-based Wave Riders are developing into a very tough, street-level rock monster   The rhythm section of drummer Juan Martinz El Kara and bassist Abe Coreujo is as tight as a bloke with middle-aged spread putting on his stovepipe jeans for the first time in 30 years.

Opening track “1776” takes no prisoners with its blistering attack and soaring guitars telling you that the valves of the Marshalls are truly lit. That rhythm section is sounding like a semi-trailer on the Hume Expressway. Masuak’s cynical, anarchic approach to a topic like the Trumpian world in which we are living would surely have the Founding Fathers rolling in their graves. In just over three minutes, Masuak and his band nail the mess that the 'Murican empire has become.

New Chris Masuak album ready to drop

The new album from Chris Masuak and the Viveiro Wave Riders is out in early August on I-94 Bar Records and we’ve opened pre-orders. The lead-off track "1776" is embedded above. Place an order here.

“Address to the Nation” is full of trademark Masuak melodies and power with harmonies, a wide-ranging record where powerpop gems rub shoulders with bristling, muscular rock and roll, and punk. It’s in a similar vein to its predecessor, “Brujita”, but a touch harder-edged and more pointed, with lyrical insights about life, love and the sorry state of geopolitics, all powered by Klondike's ace Spanish band There’s also a healthy dose of satire, lurking deep in its grooves.

If you pre-order, your copy of the CD will be sent the day the album arrives back from the pressing plant. You’ll also receive a full digital copy, with bonuses, shortly before. If you're in the market for vinyl, we'll keep yuou posted.