New Stuff (in no particular order):

1. CIVIC – "Future Forecast"
I’d only just discovered this band this year after seeing a video clip of their song “Radiant Eye”. Then I had to grab this debut longplayer and wasn’t disappointed, as soon as I heard it in full I was pretty much straight back online to order their previous mini album as well.

2. PURPLE AVENGERS – “Let The Compass Sink”
A modern psychedelic masterpiece in a fantastically packaged vinyl release from these guys from Brisbane who a lot of people will remember from the 90’s. The musicianship on this album is top notch.

3. DELIRIUM SEEDS – “Underland”
Featuring a couple of members of the aforementioned Purple Avengers, you can expect some more psych, but with a bit more of a punk edge to it. A great album.

4. THE PREHISTORICS – “Racket Du Jour”
A riff fuelled great album of rock and powerpop that has some of the catchiest songs to date from this awesome band.

5. SONIC GARAGE – “Space Travels”
What a cracking debut release, this one really did spend a lot of time on high rotation here. Really looking forward to more from this excellent band.

6. THE SCIENTISTS – “Negativity”
An excellent return from these swamp rock legends. Turn it up and let the fuzz and the bass vibrate your room.

7. THE ON AND ONS – “Back For More”
Another fantastic release from this excellent band.

8. THE HARD-ONS – “I’m Sorry Sir, That Riffs Been Taken”
The album that almost broke the Internet and took a lot of people by surprise. No sooner than the band announced that Tim Rogers was joining as vocalist, the next minute we find out that an album had already been recorded. There was a bit of division in the online community about this news, but I think that most people really do like this album for what it is, I definitely do, and am looking forward to more from this incarnation of The Hard-Ons.

9. MD HORNE’S LAST CALL – “High Tides, More Crimes”
I’ve only just received this album in the last week, but it’s been getting played a lot. Some great songs and musicianship on this. A perfect Sunday arvo album.

10. EVEN – “Reverse Light Years”
Well, what can you say? It’s Even sounding just like Even, but doing an epic 17-track double album. Sadly the vinyl pressing has been delayed, so it’ll be available early next year, but Bandcamp will do for a listen until then.