A gaunt fashionista, Laur is a fantastic singer with a real natural, empathetic instinct for this kind of music; you might know his work with other new wave and synthpop and industrial influenced projects such as Other-ed and Vague Scare - two of the best D.I.Y. electrrnic underground groups around . He also played drums in the glammish, Dollsy-influenced Kevin K Band and Sparkling Bombs

The music is  like part heavy hammering, old school dance metal and part cinematic atmospheres and spooky sound factory noisescapes, always with a particular empathy for the downtrodden and misunderstood of this black planet. This reminds me so much of like old ‘80s and early ‘90s industrial and Goth bands like say, Ministry, Skinny Puppy, Killing Joke and KMFDM.  

Golem Dance Cult makes punchy use of guitars, old synthesizer sounds and studio effects in a real aggressive way. Sonic soundscapes with dialog, song-writing, erupt volcanic explosions and some therefore amplified spacey silences, then it blasts back into the throbbing night time world of nocturnal admission and raging against the Fascist forces of corporate death and the non-stop oversaturation of pig-media's relentlessly jackhammering insane WW3/WEF/brainwash propaganda and bogus culture wars. 

Excellent stuff. Get this explosively essential artifact as soon as you can, if you love the ‘80s death rock subculture.

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