Landfill - Undead Apes (Mere Noise)

landfillIf you are looking for some nice, FM radio-friendly songs with melodies, coherent vocals, studio overdubs and perfect mixes, stop reading now. This album is not for you.

"Landfill" is one fast, fuck-knows-what album that’s like getting a shot of who-knows-what, you-know-where. Getting much info on the band off the internet isn't great but who cares this album is a good, fast 30 minutes of Brisbane punk rock at its best.

Undead Apes are Adam (bass-vocals), John (guitar-vocals) and Simon (guitars and vocals) but the driving force behind this album is Renae on drums. Can this lady play! She hits them skins as fast and hard as any drummer ever has. Her skills make this album go from good to fucking great.

There are 14 songs that were smashed onto tape. Let me say here that I’ve fuck-all idea what half of these tunes are about, what with the screaming vocals, crashing buzzsaw/chainsaw guitars and bass - and some of the best trashing, bashing drumming. It kicks kicks out of the speakers like Migraine Music.

“Landfill” kicks off with some crap about apes, man and war. The first song “Funeral Home” has guest vocals from Liza from Pastel Blaze, a punk glitter band from Brisbane. This song sets up the whole album. There is no hiding what this band is about.

Now, I could go on about each song, but to be honest it’s all just screaming, punk rock that’s meant to be played live and loud with mosh pit craziness. It’s just one fucking assault after the next. There are some very interesting songs here…and even some you you understand after a few listens. I’m still in the dark with most of them but I love this album. You don’t need to be perfect to be valid or 18 to get this shit. And it is not perfect - but it is fun, quick and interesting. “Pluto’s Not a Planet Anymore” is a good example and “The Peachy Method” just rocks.

There isn’t a hell of a lot more to say about “Landfill” other than if you like your punk rock “hardcore fast” then this is for you. It comes as a download or on cassette.


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