The Black Tambourines - The Black Tambourines (Easy Action)

black tambourinesThe Black Tambourines are from Cornwall in England. This is one of a series of short reviews of discs which should have been reviewed upon release but, for a number of unfortunate reasons (including at least one huge horrifying house-move) was not reviewed in what public servants like to call "a timely manner". This is the band's fourth full-length album.

The Black Tambourines. By god they’re good. Big, bastard, scratchy, messed-up, four-dollar bourbon, filled-ashtray rock’n’roll. I damn wish they were playing at my local, but folk used to say that about AC/DC and (the admittedly godawful) INXS and such musicians are now no longer lesser mortals like you and I, but ROCK-GODS.

As The Black Tambourines should be.

I notice that Bozzy Wasborn is touring yet again (with Black Sabbath), thankfully (he claims) for the last time. Good god, did you see those bozos Muttley Croup this year? Don’t bother with Bozzy, just book a ticket to London and go get dancing at The Black Tambourines. See if you can stay sober … failing that, if you can’t quite justify going to the UK… bring them out to Oz and get them touring…

You’ll be mighty glad you did.


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    Robert, surely the correct grammar is " you and me", rather than " you and I"?

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