Why, though? It’s a classic mix. Crushing rock stuff, short, memorable lyrics and the songs rather more simply complex (no, really, think about it. ABBA did brilliantly because their songs were simple and complex. They’re not dumb). Oh yes, and you can really get into this band. They don’t take themselves too seriously, thank God. The first track, "Anthem", is a lovely tongue-in-cheek swathe similar to many other bands who pipe at the gates of dawn or somewhere equally unpleasant.

By the second track, "Shut the Hell Up", you’re gagging for it and the Replica stuff it down our throats. What did I say earlier about intelligence? These boys are a blast, a superb night out and a great night in.

"Werewolves in Love" isn’t as stupid as you’d think - here we have the subject used as a metaphor. Which it always kind of was, but these days irony and subtlety are old words. 

"Deus Villicus" is a dancefloor stuffed with screaming punishing yowl - vox by the extraordinary Jes Stephens. Damn the lyrics are good, too, smart as microchips in ‘77 but really, you’re just taken to another place here. This is the kind of song the JJJs of the world should be playing.  

"Devil and the Deep Blue Sea" is another of these huge, roaming songs that make you dance so much you end up with jelly legs. "The Blinding of One Eye" - Jesus, you’re gonna nail me for this - but it’s like the Beatles did another damn good song around the White Album and forgot about it. 

That’s Side One. I’m not going to tell you about Side Two, if you haven’t figured it out, this is another essential purchase from those fine folk at Spooky. If you don’t want to fork out for the CD, fuck ya, get on a plane and go visit Melbourne. I defy you not to dance, I defy you not to be dragged by the umbilicus into their wonderful web of big noise, classy songs, sharp sense.\

And you know, I get the impression they’re really rather shy as well…

"All the time you waste you can’t get it back." Too true, and we’ve all heard bands who try our patience so much they should be paying us. 

"The Devil and the Deep" was expertly realised by producer Loki Lockwood. Sun God Replica will repay your time with interest. Go get ‘em. Get it at www.sungodreplica.com or www.spookyrecords.com