The Promised Land - The Hollerin Sluggers (self released)

the promised landThere is some nasty ’n’ dirty, gravel-based blues-rock ’n’ roll coming out of Sydney and nobody is doing it better than The Hollerin Sluggers. This powerhouse trio from the Northern Beaches is fucking grooving. They have all the awesome songs and guitar riffs you'll need to have you jumping around.

“The Promised Land” is a must for blues and rock enthusiasts alike. It’s a “must have” if you like slide guitar, open tuning, gritty vocals and no over-production. That’s what they recorded and that’s what you get here and - fucking hell - I can’t stop playing this.

From the first track, it’s a throwback to the great early ‘70s guitar bands. “Come Over” is the opener and what a rocker! The band is Owen Mancell (guitar and vocals), powerhouse drummer Andy Thor and Tim Cramer on bass. They’ve only been together a couple of years and this is their first album.

“String of Pearls” has some wicked slide guitar. “Devil At The Liquor Store”? We can all relate to this pounding song. It’s led by the drumming of Andy Thor and, man, this song goes off (IT GOES FUCKING OFF!)

“Reap What You Sow” is some finger picking, gut busting tribal blues and is what’s great about used to be called R & B. What’s more, these fuckers can play, man. “She’s Like Fire” has a great riff while the title track is a slow blues with a killer vocal from Owen Mancell.

“Ten Hail Marys” (perhaps my new funeral song) is a godamn joy and a ripper track. Very rarely do I put the CD player on repeat but for this song, I did and will. I love this track. It’s the best song of the year for me and I can’t see it being beaten.

The nine-song album ends with “Hillbilly Love Song”, an instrumental jam.

The blues is alive and well with The Hollering Sluggers. Now to spin “Ten Hail Marys”, washed down with a couple of cold ones (and maybe a couple more with some sunshine.)

All the best, folks, from the Dimboola farmhouse. Out!


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