mark fraser 2023Top Tens for 2023: Mark Fraser of Vi-Nil Records and Redbackrock Surf & Snow Clothing. Former partner in Link & Pin Cafe, Woy Wo

Fave releases:

DMA’S – “How Many Dreams”
A virtual hit factory from go to woe. Melodies. Feelgood. Pretty much perfect. 

HARD ONS – “Ripper 23”
Clever cover art. Clever songs. Pop-etched perennial punk from here to Punchbowl.

LION ISLAND – “Pilot Termination Kiosk”
Infectious and dangerously catchy indie rock with an A plus report card. 

COUSIN BETTY – “Self Titled”
Hard and fast, some softer moments that build and explode, some quirky side-tracks, and plenty of sheer aural insaniity. This thing is a beast. 

OWEN GUNS – “Monks in Sexyland” 
Beautiful irreverence that never ever holds back. That’s The Owen Guns. This eight-slab smacker is a doozie! 

THE STRIKE OUTS – “37 Moves”
Throws everything into the mix, dishing up a sizzling slab of red-hot electricity that's dynamic, urgent and perfectly punkesque. Killer vinyl debut.

From straight up, cow-poked, slouchin' alt-country goodness, through to drunken remorse and bar-room, bedraggled self pity, this four tracker has it all.

Ten fave live bands

Not good Not Bad - Beautifully sparse dream-pop

Soda Simulator - Electric, dynamic incision.

Lion Island -  Pure, honest indie popped-rock

SunnyBoys - Ten foot power-popped riffs.Sayonara! 

CJ Ramone - Keeping the memories alive. Style and punch plus! 

Jan - An infectious energy that wants to break you apart. 

Labradogs - Powerpop treats from the 80s and beyond.

Outer Control - Our own Blink 182. Pop punk supremos. 

Crowbar scars - Never has a brutal beating been so pleasant.

Radio Rejects -  An instantly engaging aural rummage. 

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