squatter 2023Righto, Squatter the Cockatiel here with my Top Ten for 2023.  

For those of you who don't know how famous I am, I allow Chris Converse and Cathy, both of Punkfest Brisbane and 4ZZZ, to share a house with me so I meet a lot of cool people.  I would say cool cats, but I don't get on well with cats.

Five out of five chirps for the following (in no particular order):

Glitoris - Self titled album

The Go Set-- The Warriors Beneath Us album

Blowhard- All the Kings Horses 

Vicious Circle – “Split This Open” album

Dad Fight - “Guillotine” single 

The Owen Guns - “Monks in Sexyland” mini album

Whoroboros – “Consuming and Being Consumed” EP 

Piss Shivers - Self titled album

Painters and Dockers – “Advance Australia Where” single

Square Tugs – “One Minute Love Song” single