booges 2017 top 10OK, in no particular order - and probably not 10 of them either

Råttens Krater “URRAH!” (Conquest Of Noise)
Stoked to release this gem. Slightly demented noisy punk rock from Sweden. Thankfully none of these blokes are parading fucking mullets. You can hear plenty of different influences from The Misfits, The Wipers to The Hives

Marvelous Mark “Buzzin’” (Drunken Sailor)
A bunch of unreleased demos & ep’s combined to make this great album from ex Marvelous Darlings guitarist. He’s a power pop writing machine. This is no pedestrian piss poor pop effort, which I see plenty of. Plenty of 90’s influence going on here from Dinosaur Jr, Teenage Fanclub to Big Star.

The Cowboys “Volume 4” (Drunken Sailor)
Killer lo-fi garage punks from Indiana. There’s some real bangers on this one. A total grower. All kinds of shit going on here from The DK’s, Thee Mighty Caesars to Devo. Make your own mind up.

TV Crime “Clocking In” (Drunken Sailor)
Best fucking single of the year. Absolute gem and will be for years to come. I first heard these guys via an article comparing them to Royal Headache. Yes I can hear it but lets set it straight. The first time I heard Royal Headache I could only think of The Jam & that period of soul-influenced punk rock from the UK. Anyways these guys are from Nottingham in the UK. Let;s leave it at that and just listen.

Booji Boys “Self Titled (Drunken Sailor)
Distorted punks from Canada. There’s some great hooks buried under the distorted guitars and vocals. It’s fucked up in a great way like DEVO on some serious amphetamines.

Cellos “The Great Leap Backward” (Harbour House Records)
The second album from these Canadian noise merchants. Killer album for fans of The Jesus Lizard to QOTSA.

James McCann and the New Vindictives “Gotta Lotta Move - Boom!” (Off The Hip)
My old mate James has put out a gem here. I first met James back in '93 in a house I was staying at in Sydney. Since then we’ve crossed paths a ton of time and even played in a band for a while (The Lowdorados). Possibly some of the worst & best shows I’ve ever played. Since those drunken days he has matured into one of the best songwriters the Australian underground has to offer. Great artwork on an even greater album.

JJ & The Real Jerks “Back To The Top” (Dead Beat)
Great old school rock action from Redondo Beach California. Think Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers meet Rocket From The Crypt.

The Sunnyboys + Celibate Rifles + Ed Kuepper at The Night Quarter
First time visit to this venue in Helensvale, Brisbane. Set amongst a market the venue is made out of shipping containers, Gabba grass (Astroturf) & semi open air. Great PA & an even greater vibe. Each band absolutely killed it. The Rifles were as great as could be.

The Goon Sax + 100% + Pious Faults + Shep Dooley at The Foundry
A pretty diverse line up for what was a great night of young bands. Shep Dooley did their dark tortured pop with a hint of aggression this night. Pious Faults (half of Shep Dooley) did their short fast aggressive punk rock with a hint of torture. Look out for their debut album next year it’s killer. I knew nothing about 100%. Three girls set up two synths ad I thought “Oh no”. Anyway, all I can say was they were great. I find out the vocalist came from the DIY punk scene here in Brisbane. Total talent. She has the voice, the presence and the moves. It was like a mix of Alan Vega crossed with Madonna on acid while listening to Ciccone Youth. I've since seen her other band Bloodletter who were just as great. The Goon Sax were once again fantastic Brisbanesque pop. Though the swapping of instruments made it feel a little dragged out these kids know how to write a great pop tune.

Warped “Bolt From The Blue” (Conquest of Noise)
Yeah it’s not out this year but it’s fucking fantastic. Best thing they’ve done to date I reckon. These kids age like a good red. Expect it out early next year followed by a tour of the high seas

Honorable mentions
Sons Of Jaguar debut album
Cheap Whine self titled album
Midnight Oil at a muddy River Stage in Brisbane
Bringing back the old Tooheys and Fourex cans
Parramatta make the finals
Essendon make the finals
Essendon kill it at the trade period so look out 2018 season
Café O Mai for the best Vietnamese around

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