adam with david huck shawTOP TEN ALBUMS

Broads - "Stay Connected"

Loved everything they’ve done, and this ain’t any different. Songs, arrangements, voices.

Julia Jacklin - "Crushing"
Wow. This was awkward and difficult to listen to in a good way. So personal; beautifully, simple observations of life. Could be the best of 2019 for me.

Paranoyds - "Carnage Bargain"
New wave 60’s garage pop (?) outta LA. Brilliant.

Levitation Room - "Headspace"
I listened to this on repeat for about three hours and had to make myself switch it off.

Shifting Sands - "Crystal Cuts"
Almost a drop dead gimme that this was going to be superb after "Beach Coma".

Shelley’s Murder Boys - "Above Is A Roar"
Bluegrass from the Inner West. I just love how kinda ‘not perfect’ they are, just as bluegrass should be. Always great to see live.

Chelsea Wolfe - "Birth Of Violence"
She is the Dark Lord.

Adam Yee (right) with Stms drummer David Huck-Shaw.

Ricky Hell & The Void Boys - "L’Apell du Vide"
Kinda lazy throwback scuzz pop with a bit of Jesus & Mary Chain thrown in.

Frankie & The Witchfingers - "ZAM!"
Next psych-pop superstars.

The Coathangers - "The Devil You Know"
Getting poppier in their old age. They still seem pretty angry though. Never put a foot wrong.

* Honourable mentions to the reissues of Stereolab (all of them); "G Is For Go-Betweens;" "Sunnyboys 40" and Gentle Ben & His Sensitive Side “Beginning Of The End” vinyl releases.

Adam Yee plays bass for Smudge and is a Sydney-based tour manager, booker and artist manager.