mick medew triffid

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all and thank for your support throughout another year.  Things right across the board have been slower and less frequent although there are still many good things to report.

1. In March Ursula and I began recording out first full length album together.
It is due for release early March 2022 on I-94 Bar Records.

2. April 25 – Died Pretty  
Mick Medew and Ursula supported The Died Pretty  at The Triffid. Ron was in wonderful form as was the band and I continue to find The Triffid one of my favourite venues in Australia to play or have a night out.  

3. May 9  - Dave Graney and Clare Moore at The Junk Bar, Ashgrove. 

4. May 22. Ursula and I married this day.
We had been holding off on the day itself, hoping for some kind of east coast lockdown interval. It finally arrived and we were able to have all our friends and family from interstate attend. 

We both seem to drink a lot more when we are really happy. This resulted in us having to depart for our honeymoon 24 hours behind schedule. I feel lucky, loved, blessed and steady.

5. Ron S Peno and The Superstitions – “Do The Understanding”.
Love this album

6. Dave Graney and Clare Moore - “Everything Was Funny”.
Great album and these two are one of my favourite live acts 

7. Mick & Ursula Regional Queensland Tour
Well, I don't know if you can really call it a tour but we managed to play Caboolture, Toowoomba and Ipswich in the middle of this year. 

8. October 3 - The Sunday Rock and Roll Barbeque.
It returned - this time at ''The Brightside'. Congratulations to Cowboy Bob Lee for another year of the kind of Sundays we all love in Brisbane. 

9. The Mesmerisers re-group 
On and off for more than two years as Michael Charles is a New South Wales resident, and finally we are all back together again. We hit form just in time for our big ticket December show. I love The Mesmerisers. 

10. December 19  - “Return to White Chairs Volume 3” at The Triffid
What a wonderful event this turned out to be. Unrelenting highlights all day long and into the night. 

I wish you all the very best for a safe and Happy New Year. Hope things turn out how you would like them to. X.