Top Tens for 2022: Simon Li, Sydney solo artist and member of Phringe Dwellers and Lethal Mercenaries

simon li 2022

The Crusaders : The Kids Are All Wrong (Documentary)

Poly Styrene: I Am A Cliche (Documentary) screened on NITV

Devolution: A Devo Theory (Documentary) screened on ABC TV 

The Hellacopters - "Eyes of Oblivion" album 

Kelsey Waldon - "No Regular Dog" album

Steve Earle - "Jerry Jeff" album

Iggy Pop - "Frenzy"

Bad//Dreems  - "Jack"

Vice Versa : Chyna (Documentary) screened on SBS TV

Honourable mention - "Unplugged in St. Kilda" podcast

Chris Bailey, Betty Davis, Robert Gordon, Veronica Greenfield (aka Ronnie Spector), Darren Eric Henley (aka D. H. Peligro), Hamish Kilgour, Mark Lanegan, Keith Levine, Jerry Lee Lewis, Loretta Lynn, Rachel Nagy, Mimi Parker, Roy Payne, Archie Roach, Sonny Riggs, Nik Turner, John Wilkinson (aka Wilko Johnson)

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