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He came down
Like a star tonight
He's was in love
With his lonely life
With his pick-up girls
He's a switchblade knife
No one loves him
But he takes it alrightHeavens inside, Somewhere
Heavens inside, Somewhere
Heavens inside, Somewhere
Let it out, Let it out, Let it out  - Generation X

For a population that never fully recovered from capitalist crisis of 2008, the mismanagement of pandemic and now the shifting of the burden of the Ukrainian war onto the backs of the working class with higher food, energy and inflation, has deepened legitimation crisis. And what is response from democrats? Vote for us and we will reverse Roe v Wade! - Ajamu Baraka


It was always a joke of a lie when shitlib red carpet celebrities insisted they could "push Biden to the left", as he's got a 50-year long record of being a right wing conservative stooge for empire, an empty blue suit robot, and a fierce tool of the racist police state who helped write the Crime Bill & Patriot Act.

The stories about his crooked kid having ties to shady going-ons in the Ukraine with secret labs and crony capitalist oil promotions, drugs and hookers, and a coup army of proxy war mercenaries mighta been branded fake news by the Big 5 monopoly Fake News but Aaron Mate', Glenn Greenwald, and many others have proven AND CONFIRMED it was all true.

How anyone lets that hair sniffin’ creep Gropey Joe lecture anybody about women's rights,  or civil rights, is beyond me. He is  and has always been a gropey Wall Street war pig and a racist police state true believer. He broke all his campaign promises to flood the Ukraine with your universal housing, education, and healthcare money, to give Nazis guns to hassle Russia, now he's talkin' 'bout war with China, too. Where's that Ole Cornpop when ya need 'im? Henry Kissinger said many will die for his New World Order, that's been rebranded the  Great Reset, but low attention shitlibs just think Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab care about their health and prosperity, because they are their special savior, woke and scientific, philanthropic overlord protectors. Looks like they took down the Georgia Guidestones after somebody attempted to blow it up. Sad days, people eat that crazy TV shit right up, don't they? You flicked through Netflix or Hulu lately? Every show is about the occult. That's what these evil supervillain WEF and Davos Bilderberg people are into. And all their lousy little teeny bopper industry slaves. It ain’t no theory-go listen to any of them speak about their plans, they will tell you, themselves. Partisan Politics are not real. Those faces are just there to make you feel "represented" while Bezos and Gates and Kissinger and Schwab call the shots.

Sometimes, I think the covert racism of the DNC is even more dangerous than your standard pickup truck, camo-clad, gun totin', white power tobacco spitter, cause just like Republikkkans, they always put more military grade weapons into the hands of uniformed gestapo and three letter slave patrols. You wanna talk about gun control, you need to start with demilitarizing the crazy violent, at war on the poor, stormtrooper police and alphabet gangs. The uniparty politicians are all for mass incarceration of the black population and casually wanna topple ever more governments in Africa and Latin Amerikkka, but they parade five or six pretty talkin' promise breakers around upfront to make us feel warm and cozy about a more diverse and scientific globalist empire. People are so invested in their own privilege and whatever team they've been trained to vicariously "identify" with, you can't even push ex punks with the Dead Kennedys records, or Read Banned Books. The shitlibs are just empty word sayers, bumper sticker displayers, too busy jamming to Lil Nas X for Juneteenth and Thanking Obama to help out any real people. They worry 'bout their fancy, successful, "self made"TM (ha!) tv celebrities, not their yukky downtrodden neighbors, those unsightly, unkempt "others" they see scrounging on the streets. The one big law in USA, USA is the middle classers only help rich people who already have a platform, a surplus, a product line, a name brand, an applause sign, a personal assistants glam squad, management, and who own property and already made it, who were born rich, and who do not need any more assistance. 

It's all just gaslighting and abuse in this manipulative dystopian police state. Now, with more diverse hues or many spledored, multigendered models in the retail display windows. Kinder gentler sonder commandos. "Security" is provided to remove the riff-raff so they don't make any of the special class brunch people feel "offended" or "uncomfortable". They want to be seen doing their exclusive, designer rich people drugs at the club in private. If the USA USA global empire cared anything about democracy or human rights why would they be in bed with Israel or the Saudis? Why would they think it's okay to have "regime  change wars"? They sent a dozen bungling Rambo mercenaries into Venezuela to attempt to kidnap their actual elected leader and replace him with a Schwab puppet, but the armed Murkkkan mercenaries got captured by black fishermen. 

NO DEMOCRAT talks about opposing the ongoing effort to coup Cuba or Venezuela, Sanders talks about Chavez as a "dead communist dictator". His bosses are Raytheon and Lockheed Martin. Vanguard and Blackstone. Triple Canopy and Black Rock and Halliburton. I think they wanna run Lyn Cheney as a Democrat-just like notorious righwing infiltrators, Hillary Clinton, Liz Warren and oligarch billionaire Michael Bloomberg. Just put a D besides some motherfucker's name. All TV hostage shitlbs care about is marketing models, catchy mantras. BDE= that Big Democrat Energy. Democrats are not hands tied helpless 'cause 'big ole, mean ol' bad wolves Mitch McConell, Cinema/Mansion, yeah I spelled 'em wrong but think about it, or the magical, mysterious Parliamentarian. They just don't work for us regular people at all, they are controlled by bribery and blackmail. Billionaires like Gates and WEF, Israel and the Saudis. Tech lobbyists, oil despots, and pharma shareholders. 

Oh baby
I'm so tired
The man... from the government
The man from the tax board
The man from the public school
The man owns the golden rule, yeah
I'm everybody's slave
I made you my slave
You said
This I do for you
If I would help
To give the world back
What it gave
Then I would
I would
I would
I would
I would for you
I would for you  -Jane's Addiction

We need more real righteous revolutionary rebel rock no matter what the sinister pharaohs in the ivory towers say. If Zuckerberg don't like it, you know it must be good. I was Facebook jailed for posting The Last Poets. We, the people need to stop listening to rich executive class censorship patrols. Or stickin' 'round any platforms where they rule with a big bamboozle whitewash and an imperialist iron fist.

The military experts, intelligence professionals and health officials that are allowed to come on MSM are basically weapons salespeople, CIA, and drug dealers. -Black In The Empire

I spoke to a boomer aged feminist who waxed outraged about "Trump appointees" to the Supreme Court and how she has to help Lyn Cheney stop the misinformation flow and all these dangerous red-hat protests. I asked her if she remembered leftists asking Ruth Bader Ginsberg to retire or how Kaie Couric edited out untidy parts of that interview with her. Crickets.  I asked her if she remembered Gropey Joe attacking Anita Hill before he got his hairplugs and helping Clarence Thomas get appointed to this jiveass unelected good old boy corporate right Supreme Court. Nope, no recollection of that, whatsoever. Just blocks it out. Asked her if she knew about Kamala's record of targeting black communities and incarcerating parents for teen truancy or keeping people in jail as long as possible for private prison forced labor profits. Nope, never heard of that, either.

Asked her if she knew Hillary had been a catalytic force behind fracking and the overthrow of Libya. Nada. Asked her if she remembered Obama casually joking about all the human beings he droned? Nope. Even still, she dismisses all that as Russian Disinformation. I told her to type in ‘Hillary laughs about Gaddafi’, but knew she's not going to. She is blue no matter who and it rhymes so it muct be true. She insists she knows all about what's goin' down cause she watches several "different" TV infotainment channels. Says it's a shame that ex-husband tried to interrupt Britney's Happy Wedding. Democrats will warn you that Robert Kennedy Jr and Joe Rogan and some objectionable comedian named Dave Chapplele MUST BE PUNISHED FOR SCIENCE, but in my day, kiddies, we read books that people wanted to ban or burn and decided for ourselves. There was no rush to de-platform or boycott, burn or censor anyone who deviated slightly from official scripts of known disaster capitalist liars and ruthless price gouging, shock doctrine, crisis profiteers.

A lifelong Elvis Presley fan feeling pangs of guilt for wanting to watch a nostalgic mainstream bio-flick cause the ruling class divide n conquer top down story insists “Elvis” must be cancelled for growing up poor white trash in the fifties, not being modern standards "woke"TM enough, and for having an unscrupulous capitalist greedhead manager who put him on a buffoonish cartoon treadmill, after the establishment neutered him with military service. I felt bad for the poor girl, I told her Obama and Kamala were causing more harm to black people by always agitating for an expanded militarized police state and helping fund Africom and this whole crazy cooked-up up war with China and Russia, then any dead fifties rockstar, who somehow failed to unpack his privilege sufficiently according to pink hat, blue no matter who, safespace sensitivity experts. Why don't they cancel war criminals and torturers, people who take pride from droning Muslim teenagers? People who brag about smoking weed while locking black people up for smoking weed. Because they are all bamboozled by bullshit illusions of media diversity. The sham that it's somehow progressive to watch people of color always vote for a billionaire agenda. That it's woke when a lady of color mass incarcerates the poor people. There is only one party in this country, now. Millons took to the streets demanding an immediate end to racist kkkops killing three Murkkkans a day, and the ridiculous militarization of IDF trained, and always every bit as unaccountable,  racist police state jackboots, who shoot first and say they feared for their lives later, and they gave us Juneteenth, a holiday where the professional classers could take off work, but not the minimum wage poor people; superfunded the police state because AOC said she was traumatized by the overblown Scary Qshaman Capitol Hill psy op. More Dead In Ohio.

The People said we wanted a Bernie Sanders “tax the rich and invest in universal housing, free college and healthcare for everybody”. They gave us unprecedented propaganda campaigns, "nothing will change" Gropey Joe, and war with Russia. Obviously, The Squad is just a show, a meaningless distraction, bought n paid for sock puppets, peddling false hope and empty slogans, still tediously tweeting "orange man bad", and campaign fundraising on stock abortion and gun wedge issues, while the real government (WEF, Pfizer, Davos, MIC) remakes and remodels the whole world in their billionaire surveillance tech NWO image. Pig-media always insists that congress is "trying" to break up the tech monopolies, but the truth is their high salaried kids are all lobbyists for Facebook and Google and Twitter, so again-it's just a show. Elvis is dead and gone, you should be more worried about cancelling Klaus Schwab and Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk.

When the music you are playing is considered a danger, a threat, and then you combine it with a message of justice, it can not be allowed to will be crushed by those who are againt this political view, and also by many who say they are with you.  - Joe Strummer


Last time I climbed up the side of the mountain, I got some dizzy vertigo and kinda had a bit of a panic attack cause I knew I had not brought enough water and got lost for while up there so I ended up following where the water drains back towards the river and found my way, but the rattlesnakes like to bathe in the sun as it gets hotter and I been stickin' to the dirtroads, but the same old circles have gotten old. I need a new kick, as the Cramps once said. Every single day's a dreary rerun of the last one. Right. On. Schedule, some batty, nutty new age Karen who is married to her co-dependent pitbull drove down to our deadend street in the flood to bitch at the hermit neighbor for lighting off fireworks on the Fourth of July that upset her naturally sensitive pitbull husband. I think everybody in this world seems loony tunes crazy as fuck. who writes this shit? A race of clones.

I got a kid who waits all year for fireworks, he fixates, and as a parent in the internet age, I do not determine what his new fad or fashion or interest or obsession is. One day it is llamas, and the next it is alpacas. One day it's TNT and Black Cat fire fountains, and the next it is $500 tech gadgets or super expensive Kanye West Yeezi designer shoes we cannot afford. Meanwhile, Murkkka keeps invading other nations with USA trained mercenary proxy armies and calling it "opposition" or "civil war" or "spreading democracy" or somebody's government not compliant enough to capitalist bankers and billionaire tech reset agendas is branded by shit-media a "dictatorship" but it's really all about control of resources and land and making money with bombs and regime change endless wars. Making other cultures comply with Bilderberg Reset Bullshit.

Challenging the narrative of known liars and torturers and no bid contract, crony capitalist inside job. war profiteers does not make you a conspiracy theorist. It makes you logical, rational, of sound mind, actually. They just gaslight the baffled herd with same ole same ole false flags and textbook 101 identity politricks. Unless you own stock in Pfizer, Corey Booker is not your wakey wokness super science pal. Trump could have pardoned a lot of good people like Julian Assange, but shamefully, like his corrupt and compromised and clearly controlled predecessors, did not. I will say that when he complains about how media is universally portraying his protestor supporters differently than they characterize other protestors who have been a lot more destructive and caused more property damage in recent years, or that his bullshit persecutor Lyn Cheney is a despicable warmonger, well, gosh, I never agreed with that bigoted narcissistic oaf Trump about anything(!!) until he said those two things today. Zipadeedooda feelgoodist slogans and corny self-help positive thinking mantras or meaningless preassigned propaganda-meme of the week virtue signaling are no match for grief, depression and trauma and the full on forces of one world government fascists ruling by secrecy, fear, and total media control.

I been real lowdown, under way too much stress over family health problems and the very evil corporate price gouging going on, that they blame on Putin. The corporations are really puttin' the screws to us poor people now, hoping the pressures break up the families and they can put more people in jail or buy up their houses and build more condos, high rise hotels, or vacation retreats for rich people. We did some safe and sane fireworks last night and of course the meat eating shitlibs took to social media to wax outraged over their sensitive pet's feelings. Loud fire flower gone crack bang. Shitlibs never care when innocent people are being bombed by their fave politicians for oil barons and devil's chessboard resets, or when human beings are thrown out onto the mean streets by Airbnb happy greedhead landlords, but their pets are like, totally fussed over, day spa pampered, this way to the VIP room, sir. They tell you straight up they don't care about human beings as much as their perpetually unleashed rescue pit bulls-Bodi Tee and Ganesha.

It's a Monday-the Fourth Of July. I keep getting sunburnt from taking walks but cannot stand this fucking chair, this fucked up internet addiction and fucked up propagandizing hypnoscreen bullshit. I kinda had to cut ties with all the pro war gentrification brunching , fauxwoke shitlibs who won't shut up about how much they love this hired actor, fake figurehead, or that corrupt politicians do nothing wife,  or that billionaire owned and operated mad scientist patent holding money gouger. 

I wish I could tell you I had an ounce of faith in my fellow countrymen, but they are all stuck in this matrix like rat trap, believing these scumbag genocidal war profiteers and depopulation fiends. The creepy occultists at the top of the tech heap are evil fuckers but the middle class were all trained at college to uncritically take the word of anyone who has amassed great wealth no matter how horrible. Shitlibs don't mind the Saudi monarchs doing terrible things cause pig-media calls 'em "progressive" and they give lots of money to cackling witch Hillary Clinton's fake charity. They say very little when kkkops shoot somebody 60 times in the back, or while asleep in bed. But they think giving money to sold out Democrats like Pelosi is gonna do something for them.

Big money Dems got no interest in protecting any poor people's rights, only in fundraising by hustling inattentive suckers for money by saying the words, "Trump", "insurrection", "Putin" or "Clarence Thomas" over and over again. Nunye Bidnuss on Twitter nailed it: "Excuses, excuses. I suppose that was Susan Sarandon’s fault, or maybe Dr. Jill Stein’s fault. Maybe we can blame the upcoming midterm bloodbath on some other woman who embarrassed a prominent Democrat." I thank Sarandon for doing the job AOC was elected for-to agitate for egalitarian values and raise a ruckous about the government lies and corruption. Sarandon fights to get people like me access to proper dental and healthcare and does not get lifelong free healthcare and big money lobbyist handouts for her trouble like AOC does. The corporate think tanks own so many fake front groups, bogus model politicians, and empty theater media figures pretending to be woke and classy while promoting a dystopian police state and endless wars based on lies and imperialist proxy regime change armies. Add Benjamin Norton if you are on Twitter-he exposes how many of the charities and agencies and institutions are just CIA misinformation fronts.

Comedians are supposed to be cutting edge and provocative and s'long as they punch up, I am not offended or part of the college cancel culture-they aint worried about cancelling droner Obama, Libya destroyer Hillary, incarcerator Kamala, or nu cold war instigator Biden. All those people are more offensive and dangerous and destructive than Dr. Naomi Wolf, Lee Camp, Joe Rogan or Dave Chappelle or Robert F. Kennedy Jr.-if you are a progressive, in real life, you aren't afraid to read books of a provocative nature even if you were told by the nice rich lady on tv that they contradict some popular mass media establishment advertiser narrative. You know all those Laurel Canyon fake hippie millionaires got blood ties to the military industrial complex? Mickey Hart even attends Bilderberg. Like the rotating villain Sinema, who killed the fifteen dollar minimum wage hike in her cutesypie fauxwoke pinkwash emo costume.

Ya'll thanking Obama for keeping it classy supposedly by killing privacy and due process and having an executive kill list just like his Saudi and Israeli cohorts when he aint even fix Flint, you are some brainwashed zombie motherfuckers, identifying with your own oppressors. Now ya cheering for Lyn Cheney? Are you kidding me? That's some psy ops bullshit, manufacturing consent for laws against demonstrating in public spaces. Fuck that fascist shit.

I gotta walk through the muddy floodlands to the post office today. Ebay keeps gouging a bigger portion of my resell profits. The corporate execs and shareholder Wall Street ten percent are such immoral, greedy, lowlife scumbags! It pains me to see the middle class so blindly sucking up to them. I really do sincerely feel like middle class people care about the feelings of their trusted tv millionaires way, way, way more than they do any lower ranking people they see dying in waves, suffering, being mistreated, drinking poisoned water, working two minimum wage jobs for a never get ahead apartment, gunned in the back, or rotting in the street. As long as DOUBLE DOWN DOCTOR DOCTOR JILL BIDEN and HILLARY CLINTON make them feel second hand, vicariously "woke" and  "seen". 

It's nine o 'clock and I don't know where most of my children are really. I just want 'em all to be okay, lead decent lives, learn to see through the lies, not treat poor people shabbily, but honestly I recognize I'm not in control of anything. Helpless mystery. I try my best to not get involved with people cause you can't trust nobody in this society based on one upmanship and backstab competition. At the same time, I miss the old days when I still had a gang of wildboys I could make loud music with in rooms. 

People ask me all the time, "BUT WHAT CAN WE DO"? #1 stop competing with people, the global billionaires work together, they call it cooperation, they got class solidarity. Stop stepping on the little people, even if you secretly like the idea that they are beneath you. STOP PUNCHING DOWN RIGHT NOW. STOP WORSHIPPING THE RICH. THEY ARE NOT SMARTER THAN YOU JUST WAY BETTER ORGANIZED. I like to take people out to make grilled cheese for other folks. Grilled cheese is revolution, I'll take half and hand somebody I don't know the other half. Solidarity, baby. We can start there. Feed all the people. At least help somebody when you can. each according to their own means or abilities. Stop being a slave and a sucker to the powerful.


We are called to care for others, even those who do not have anything in common with us, and to fight for others when we are put into a position of privilege. We should use this privilege to help and speak up for those who are being oppressed. Often, those who have privilege can speak to the oppressors in a way that the oppressed themselves cannot, and it is because of this, among other reasons, that the privileged individuals have the responsibility to fight against injustice. This frequently requires the privileged people to give space and opportunities for the oppressed to speak their truth and to listen empathetically when they do so.

This concept of the passivity of the white liberal makes me think a lot about the difference between being “not racist” and being “anti-racist.” In order to fight against the racism that permeates every aspect of our society, it is not enough to just not be part of the problem; rather, anyone who wants to be a true ally needs to actively work to fix the problem. - James Baldwin


I can't rightly explain why I keep typing these overcaffeinated morning-time message in a bottle ravings except I'm trying to not be self-destructive and I am afflicted by all this intense anxiety and grief. Maybe you are, too? I wish things would have gone different but they did not. It is a horrifying time of greed, lies, sucking up, lies, gratuitous insincerity, and dystopian fascism. It's a big muddy floodzone where I am and the desert monsoons bring back the fucking insufferable mosquitos, mutant mosquitos, whose bites leave permanent scars.

I got the blues and wanna knock back some big bottles of cold beer but I am in charge of other people's safety and wellbeing so I gotta stay on cleareyed vigilant high alert and even then, I got almost zero control over anything that might go down, good or bad, 'round here, all I can really do is practice some danger reduction strategies, and man it's like seesawing back and forth between high stress and maddening monotony. I don't like it all that much.

People on my block got all kinds of big opinions about how lazy we frontline low wage workers are, because they insist it is very hard work inheriting investment properties and being landlords and shit. Republikkkans moan about ridiculously corrupt Hunter Biden, Democrrrats moan about Ivanka and Jared, but ultimately, they have more loyalty to the ruling class oligarchs and their diabolical brat fortunate son kids, than they do to any of us songwriterly dishwashers or hard luck, two job parents at the bottom of society paying double for groceries, post-Biden, and struggling to just barely get by. Middle class people do not give  fuck if you lose your teeth, crack under pressure, get evicted, get sick, or die in the gutter, they all agree it is YOUR FAULT and that you should have worked harder to marry into wealth, hire expensive producers, and inherit fancy titles and cushy jobs, like they did, the HARD WAY! If you aint posh and boojie, you must be either stupid, lazy, less virtuous, have bad karma, or did something wrong. 



Get your hands on anything you can buy, by one of my favorite writers this shithole country's produced since God Knows When. Brian Smith of The Beat Angels. I love him.



So yeah a chick who used to work at ENZS on St. Mark's Place circa '84 and '85 by the name of Lisa Genre (RIP) first got me into Skin N Bones and Angels In Vain. I was a runaway gutter urchin in those years with too much time to burn, so I'd follow those exotic gypsy pirate troubadours and menacing deviant film makers around the East Village. Enthralled, and in awe of their bolero hats and concho straps, scarves and eye makeup and crazy colored cowboy boots!  I am always interested in whatever Scarlet Rowe is doing, cause all his bands have always rocked so hard, and looked so cool! I tried to do a big ass overwhelming interview him and one of his former bandmates Mykel Sane when Kim Cheyenne (RIP) died, but it was probably Too Soon and the world traveling dandy Scarlet is always really busy, performing in numerous bands, parenting, and running a very cool design firm. His roof blew off his house a couple years ago. In the '80s, I got a jailhouse Angel In Vain tattoo. I'm a lifelong fan of the man and his bands.  




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