circus of power laBack when Guns N Roses and L.A. Guns, Cinderella, and Faster Pussycat were all the rage among our mulleted, stonewashed, demon headed silver ringed, metalhead bros from way back, me and my chain-smoking black T-shirted Hanoi Rocks friends would take crazy road trips to see our biker rock heroes CIRCUS OF POWER every chance we could get.

The classic line-up were everybody's faves, but this is a rare example of how ONE DUDE really can hold up the black flag righteously for the followers, as ALEX MITCHELL has consistently located a series of totally qualified new accomapniets to carry on the proud tradition. I don't know if you have a copy of his epic comeback album, "Four", or the follow-up, "Process of Illumination" yet, but I heard some of his new tunes and am just thrilled he continues to get down like an ageless holy barbarian motherfucker.

Not that many bands from the USA! USA! land of the misinformed, cowardly and unfree, can still make real rock ’n‘roll with this much heart and soul. In Big Al's own words:". “Growing up is a process. Drugs, alcohol, arguments….I wish we could go back to those early days, to the songs on that first record. That was the best Circus of Power ever was.”

I never hear modern bands that rock as hard as Alex and friends. Most of 'em bought some black shirt and a big amp and think that's it, all they had to do, expect to be applauded. Alex Mitchell and Billy Tsounis still....wait for it...WRITE GOOD SONGS!

Two of my closest teenage rolling buddies have already gone on to the other side and man do I ever miss those guys, they both loved Circus Of Power as much as I did! If you got a drink, please knock one back for my brothers Bobby and Mitch (RIP) and check this song out in their honor. 



At a Council on Foreign Relations forum about "fake news," former Editor at Time Magazine Richard Stengel directly states that he supports the use of propaganda on American citizens - then shuts the session down when challenged about how propaganda is used against the third world...Ben Decker also labels the alleged leak of documents last year showing offshore accounts in the Cayman Islands associated with Emmanuel Macron as fake news, despite the fact that the leak's authenticity has never been definitively confirmed or debunked. -William Craddick

 Biden is spending money, but he is not spending money on the people. He is spending on the military and proxy wars in order to expand U.S. imperialism and enrich U.S. oligarchs at our expense. - Ryan Knight

That Biden is credibly called a socialist by electorally viable congressional candidates who clearly have no idea what socialism actually is, to me indicates that our Overton window is now centered somewhere between Genghis Khan and Mussolini. - @mousdrvr on Twitter

Call 'em what you want - the deep state or powers that be or one percent or oligarchy or permanent ruling class, but you gotta start admitting the shadow government anditsmedia are going to crazy lengths to control our communications, whether that's through outlawing assembly, censoring dissident journalists, spying on our electronic conversations and phonecalls, deplatforming and demonestizing us for straying off their preferred narrative, or trotting Disposition Matrix Millionaire Obama out to talk pretty about need to "detoxify" the internet discourse, which is coded newspeak for clampdowns on anybody opposed to endless war and panopticon corporate wiretaps. People who go to college never heard of Cointelpro nd if they have, they can not seem to remotely contemplate that it still exists, they think the SQUAD is gonna save 'em with pro noun preferences, happy slogans, and empty justice tweets. Russiagate serves as all purpose ruling class cover story now. Same way they blamed everything on boogeymen Hussian/Gaddafi/Bin Ladin/Assad/ISIS under Bush/Cheney/Obama. Just tell 'em a boogeyman is coming for their freedom fries.

I went to vist Arthur with Syl when we were recording the Motorcycle Boy album. It was a surreal experience. He had tried to kill himself by jumping in the pool of his building but had only managed to badly fuck his knees up, so he was on crutches and could barely walk. He had some growth on his forehead that made him look like Elephant Man. He was selling weed for a living, to Andy McCoy among others. He was huge, but broken, and he spoke in a very quiet, sweet voice, definitely not the voice of a killer. Buster Poindexter was huge at the time and Arthur was phantasizing about him stopping in front of his crappy junkie pad to tell him that they were reforming the Dolls. He was a sad but compelling character that was stuck in the past. It was super weird for me to listen to two of my favorite musicians reminisce about their time in the NY Dolls. Syl wasn't doing much better, when I asked him to produce us, he had been driving a cab for a living...

Even though they kinda sucked without Johnny and Jerry, I was very happy for Arthur (Syl too) when Johansen finally agreed to reform the Dolls. Too little to late but better than nuthin'. - World Famous MISTER RATBOY of THE GOLDEN RAT


If you start researching the Davos billionaires, Bilderberg, World Economic Forum and the Klaus Scwab-Kissinger-Bill Gates transhumanist agenda being openly promoted by John Kerry, Joe Biden, Justin Trudeau and many others, of course it is horrifying that the wealthiest one percent of the one percent plan on enslaving humanity with microchips and cashless society control grid, surveillance-tech capitalism authoritarian one world government shit, and that it's not just some whackjob Alex Jones hysteria being used to sell rightwing militia survivalist swag and vitamins anymore, but I'll tell ya, between you and me, just us kids here, all my ex associates ALREADY seem like unfeeling, programmed droid, dystopian, transhuman cyborgs. They just obey the fucking tv, they never think for themselves, or read, and slavishly imitate whatever they watch on TV.

Whatever "The Latest Thang" is. Netflix, which Obama and Chelle are involved with, is all some creepy, sick secret society programming-you can confirm that just clicking through their "programs". I don't watch tv or believe very much of what is firehosed at us via the mockingbird monopoly media. I think the emperors are having fun at your expense-telling you to go buy duct tape and shit. For freedom. Everytime I turn on the computer or flip through the tv hypnoscreen, I see the propagandists are still eager beaver milking the whole hog fuck out of that bullshit Thank a KKKOP capital hill psy-op story designed to manufacture populist consent for outlawing protests. Man oh man, how can people pat themselves on the back all day for their critical thinking skills supposedly cultivated at the prestigious, prohibitively expensive. posh sports university in the Pacific Northwest, and then, immediately fall for this dummy Qshaman HYSTERIA? All you hear on Pig Media nowadays, is "Putin!!!" is somehow, other side of the world responsible, not only for people disliking Hillary Clinton, but also, now for Murkkkans corporations price gouging inflation ripoffs and greedhead jackedup rents, or that Trump's maga protest was an "insurrection" so Murkkkans should just give up their rights to protest and stand in line at Best Buy for the next round of programming updates and gadgets and obey the Davos techlords for science. All your AOC worshipping shitlib friends even love openly evil Lyn Cheney now cause she said "Orange Man Bad" and "insurrection" one million times.

I thought the George Floyd protests where the undercover proud boys burned down police stations looked more like proper insurrections than when some love a man in uniform hillbillies broke a window and climbed a wall, painted their chest and messed up Pelosi's desk, but I believe in free speech. These illuminati puppets they got infiltrating all the governments worldwide were trained at the Kissinger/Schwab Fascist School but people with Ukraine flags on their falsebook profiles never even heard of any of that. Would not believe you even if you tried to tell 'em. They got some headline today about how useless pants suit, Kopmala is gonna be "TACKLING ONLINE ABUSE". Of course as Bill Gates and his World Economic Forum secret society friends keep changing definitions of words in the dictionary to promote their Reset plan, the meaning of abuse will be efficiently altered. "ABUSE" is when no soul bureaucrats like Kopmala keep forced-labor slaving, non violent drug offenders in for profit prisons as long as possible, to increase shareholder value. "ABUSE" is when you incarcerate black parents for truant teenagers skipping schools that are fuckedup target ranges nowadays anyways. "ABUSE" is when you send mercenaries to kidnap a publisher from a foreign embassy and lock him up in a torture gulag for years, causing him to have a stroke, for embarrassing the criminal enterprise of murderous imperialism.

These shitlibs gonna change the meaning of the word "ABUSE" so it becomes anybody speaking truth about power. This is the kind of bullshit you have to resist. NOT some college asshole disapproving of a comedian. That vote blue no matter who bullshit mighta worked out for some people who were already rich and just worried about poor people disobeying some authority figure, but the majority of us are falling deeper and deper into dangerous poverty while the middle class people keep watching tv. As Ryan Knight said, "Biden’s approval rating keeps falling because the people aren’t buying his lies anymore about how “great the economy” is when they can’t afford housing, healthcare, and groceries." Matzo Ball Dan adds, "The embarrassing attempt at spinning this economic catastrophe by calling it 'Putin's price hike' isn't convincing anyone." THESE are the kinda discussions Obama and Kopmala's billionaire bosses have ordered them to help eradicate.

You might even find that expanding consciousness in one way helps your ability to expand it in other ways. You might find for example that expanding your awareness of how your own mind operates gives you more awareness of how other people's minds operate, and how they can be manipulated by powerful people using propaganda. You may also find for example that expanding your awareness of the plight of people less socioeconomically and geopolitically advantaged than yourself expands your own personal awareness of the various socioeconomic and geopolitical dynamics which have given rise to the way your life is right now. You may also find for example that expanding your consciousness of your own inner processes gives you a serenity which makes it easier to look squarely at the horrors you encounter when expanding your awareness of what's going on in the world, and gives you the humility to see that you are not fully separate from those horrors.

The game of humanity will keep improving as long as our consciousness keeps expanding. I'd go so far as saying that's the only thing that can cause things to get better, and that failing to do it guarantees things will get worse.

Like a video game, I believe we humans are free to either win this game or lose it. We will either keep expanding our awareness of what's really going on in this weird universe our mothers birthed us into, or we will wipe ourselves out via nuclear war or ecocide.

Either way, if you choose to accept what's being said here, we do each have the power to make things better by exactly one unit of human effort. We can help spread awareness of what's going on in the world by fighting the lies we've been told by the powerful and drawing attention to things the powerful would rather keep hidden. We can help spread awareness of the human condition with art and with empathy. We can expand our own consciousness by getting very curious about how we operate and what makes us tick, and being very real with ourselves about what we find in that exploration.

Whatever you choose to believe about all this, it's your adventure. I wish you the best in your travels. - Cait Johnstone

Ya know I reached out to some people who'd known my teenage best pal, HIS ALSO PURPLE BADNESS, COWBOY BOBBY CLOYD in more recent years cause he was just one of the real right-on, supportive, lovely ole homies I never, never expected to leave the planet before I did, no one seems to have any demos by his old bands Shine or The Healers which is a real drag, but I met one of his local midwestern colleagues online and liked his band and thought I'd share it with you.








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