Brian D'Addario

  • lemontwigs twoLemon Twig Brian D'Addario.

    The Lemon Twigs
    + Jack Ladder
    Manning Bar, Sydney
    Saturday 28 October, 2023

    Photos: Shona Ross

    The Lemon Twigs are Long Island, NY, resident brothers Brian and Michael D'Addario and are on their second visit to Australia since 2017. They’ve been on the playlist in our house for four or five years at our youngest family member’s insistence and it was deemed compulsory we attend this show on their short tour.

    The show at the Manning Bar was opened by Jack Ladder who had done a spot on the NSW Spencer P Jones Tribute bill a few years back. My recollection from then was that Ladder did a set of acoustic tunes solo and was well received. Tonight, he appeared in a duo with an Epiphone parlour guitar and an accompanist and started off in much the same vein.