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    prison columnWhen I first was approached to vote in Australian elections, the government agency sent me a letter, with a form. I recall the form beginning something like, “I wish to enrol as a voter...”

    But I didn't wish to enrol. At all. All I could see were wankers playing at some artificial game of one-up-manship, kids in a schoolyard, without a great deal of integrity or affection for their constituents and no moderating teacher in sight. 

    Perhaps, 40-what years ago, I was being unfair.

    Anyway, I read the instructions, which - bizarrely - insisted I complete the form in black pen.

    So, not really knowing how to deal with this - I thought I'd get into shit if I didn't complete the form - I did complete the form, but in blue pen, and sent it off.

  • dark country cvrDark Country- Sonic Garage (self released)

    Sonic Garage burst on the Sydney music scene about two years ago with "Asteroid", which what the best local single released in 2021.  The album it came from, “Space Travels”, was raw, tough street level Northern Beaches rock that referenced the Stooges, Dictators, and Radio Birdman.

    It was a record from the tradition of that area’s melodic, guitar driven, gritty and surf-tinged music, in the tradition of the early Midnight Oil, Celibate Rifles and The Hellmen.

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    Sydney veterans Sonic Garage will unveil their second album, “Dark Country”, at an early Friday night show at The Old Manly Boatshed on 6 October. 

    Supports are hard rock supergroup Bahne Super Flex, featuring ex-members of the TrilobitesCelibate Rifles and Mushroom Planet, and new comers Capital Romantics.