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    Jody Stephens, sole surviving member of iconic early '70s power pop legends Big Star, and latest song-writing partner Luther Russell are bringing their band Those Pretty Wrongs to Australia in August.

    With a third album under their belt, Those Pretty Wrongs recall the soulful jangle of Big Star and ‘90s alt-country. Stephens’ presence will instil adoration among fans of his previous work. 

    Stephens is the only man other than Alex Chilton to play on all three of Big Star’s peerless original albums. He was also a member of supergroup Golden Smog, alongside members of Wilco and the Jayhawks.

  • these pretty wrongs portraitLuther Russell and Jody Stephens in Those Pretty Wrongs duo format.

    As drummer and a founding member of the legendary Big Star, Jody Stephens is an icon to so many of today's musicians. The musical legacy of Big Star is as omnipresent as it's ever been and undoubtedly this enormous global respect is due to the band's recording of three of the greatest albums ever set to vinyl.

    A hugely successful reformation by Big Star in the early ‘90s produced a world tour and a fine fourth album. Pleasingly, over this past decade, Jody has gone on to create even more marvellous music wth a duo outfit with Luther RussellThose Pretty Wrongs

    As a songwriting pair, their music is refreshingly honest, supremely melodious and inherently tender in its style. And the recordings are super hi fi harking back to the quality of John Fry’s famous work at Ardent Studios with Big Star. 

    It is therefore the music of Those Pretty Wrongs I primarily wished to focused on in this Q&A in advance of Those Pretty Wrongs’ exciting upcoming second tour of Australia. I was especially keen to seek a deeper understanding of how Jody’s own musical journey influences the music of Those Pretty Wrongs.