• hoody dave manlyGraham Hood and Dave Thomas from The Crisps. 

    The Crisps
    + Sonic Garage
    + 4 Barrel Hemi
    The Old Manly Boatshed, Manly NSW
    Sunday, 9 April 2023

    The Old Manly Boatshed could be the oldest running live music venue in Sydney, now operating for almost 40 years. it’s an institution in Manly. It is a ghost of the Old Manly when the streets were haunted by Henry Lawson’s ghost that walked that back streets and drank the night away. 

    Lawson captured the yarns and characters of a seaside suburb that does not exist anymore - of “kindred souls and outsiders we knew”.

    When The Boastshed started, Manly was Rock ‘n’ Roll Central outside the inner city of Sydney. The legendary Flicks, The Manly Hotel and the Rugby Club were just up the road. Rock ‘n’ roll ruled most nights of the week. The Corso was packed with outsiders - surfers, bikers writers and Boehmians. Midnight Oil had an office here. Wallabies hopped around  backyards and there were entire housesholds of musicians.