simon li

  • SIMON LI 2020


    Tub thumper for Phringe Dweller, Fart Eastern garage folkie and "Senior Tactical/Artillery Supply Associate" for Lethal Mercenaries
    Sydney, Australia
    Ip Man 4 
    Final of a film series exploring life and career of Kung Fu master Ip Man who helped train martial arts legend Bruce Lee.
    Dark Side of The Ring : "Benoit"
    Two episodes from a pro wrestling documentary series about wrestler Chris Benoit, screened on SBS TV.
  • simon li 2018Neko Case "Hell-On" CD
    Another top release, especially considering Neko's then home apparently was lost in a fire, during recording

    Lindi Ortega "Liberty" CD
    Still got the goods, despite Lindi thinking she was done with it.

    Margo Price @ Factory Theatre, Sydney
    Great voice, top songs, fine show

    Bad Reputation - Joan Jett documentary
    Joan tells her story/her side of The Runaways story

    Baby 8 - "Painkiller" video clip
    Great clip for a tune from an album with an interesting name

  • simon li top ten1. The Sunnyboys / The Flaming Hands / The Shy Imposters - Enmore Theatre
    2. Descent into the Maelstrom : The untold story of Radio Birdman

    4. Son Volt - Factory Theatre
    5. Steve Earle - So You Wannabe An Outlaw CDLP
    6. Tift Merritt - Stitch of the World CDLP
    7. Lindi Ortega - "Til the goin' gets gone" EP
    8. Ghost on The Highway : A Portrait of Jeffrey Lee Pierce and The Gun Club
    9. Beware of Mr. Baker (Ginger Baker documentary)
    10. (Far from) honorary mentions - 
    - The Phringe Dwellers - recording new stuff with current line-up
    - Dave Favours and The Roadside Ashes - releasing and launching 7" single + recording songs for vinyl LP
    - Releasing my solo CD #4 "From Beth to Evie"

  • hook down easyFor every band that “makes it” there are hundreds, if not thousands, that never get past thefringes of a scene. Sydney’s Hunchbacks were one of the many runners-up in the mid ‘90s. Despite patronage from the likes of Asteroid B612 (whose main man John Spittles produced them), they never cracked the big(ger) leagues. 

    That the hard blues edge of The Hunchbacks is apparent on The Fringe Dwellers’ debut album “Hook Down Easy” should be no surprise: Vocalist Carl Ekman (on bass) and guitarist John South from that band are leading lights. They’re joined by sometime I-94 Bar scribe Simon Li (drums) and Damien Smith (vocals and guitar.)

    The sound of “Hook Down Easy” drips Sydney’s underground music scene circa 1986. It’s in the driving, hard-edged sound and sparring guitars that do it. That’s where the band’s roots are and there’s no escaping them. I’m guessing that won’t be a drawback for many reading this. 

  • lethal mercenariesForeign Insurgence - Lethal Mercenaries (self released)

    Once you get past the homespun production, “Foreign Insurgence” is a handy slice of garage punk Rock Action.

    It’s a mini-album by Lethal Mercenaries, a band formed seven years ago by Charlie Lethal - aka Sydney musician and onetime I-94 Bar scribe Simon Li - and some local underground luminaries.

    Simon is Hong Kong-born, Melbourne-raised and Sydney domiciled, so his influences are varied. He’s also a product of Melbourne’s musical training ground, Rock and Roll High School, and a slavish devotee of that city’s late rock royalty, the Powder Monkeys.

  • simon li 2023Another year of almost zero fun in Sin City (if not the rest of Oz/the rest of this mortal coil/earth) for most of us/those in the lower/working class, some relief could be found through the following Top 10...

    Margo Price - "Strays" album

    Lucinda Williams - "Stories from a Rock-n-Roll Heart" album

    Eilen Jewell - "Get Behind The Wheel" album

    Lydia Loveless - "Nothing's Gonna Stand In My Way Again" album

    Cable Ties - "All Her Plans" album

    Leah Senior - "The Music That I Make" album

    Pat Todd / Mad Macka @ Golden Barley Hotel, Sydney 

    The Mezcaltones (CD launch) @ Marrickville Bowling Club, Sydney

  •  simon li 2021A 2021 Top Ten of albums and documerntaries from Sim Li, Sydney singer, songwriter and member of Lethal Mercenaries and Phringe Dwellers. 

    Lipstick Killers - "Strange Flash" (compilation album)

    Sherry Rich - The Divine Crimson V (album)

    "Big Name No Blanket" - Documentary, screened on NITV

    "Chuck Berry" - Documentary, screened on NITV

    "The Go Go's" - Documentary, screened on ABC TV

    Steve Earle - "J.T." (album)

    Son Volt - "Electro Melodier" (album)

    WWE Legends - Bret "The Hitman" Hart, screened on SBS TV

    WWE Legends - Mick Foley, screened on SBS TV

    Dark Side of the Ring - Jake "The Snake" Roberts, screened on SBS TV

    RIP: Nanci Griffith, Tom T. Hall, Dusty Hill, Hans-Erik Dyvik Husby (aka) Hank Von Helvete, Charlie Watts

  • simon li 2022

    The Crusaders : The Kids Are All Wrong(Documentary)

    Poly Styrene: I Am A Cliche (Documentary) screened on NITV

    Devolution: A Devo Theory (Documentary) screened on ABC TV