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  • loose-pills-portrait
    Loose Pills (fron left) Stu Wilson, Matt Galvin, Ryan Ellsmore and Bill Gibson

    Remember when ‘super groups’ played ‘pop music’ that rocked? Yes, both terms have been bludgeoned into redundancy but Sydney’s Loose Pills are doing their level best to re-introduce some relevance.

    The membership should be enough to make you prick up your ears - New Christs, The Eastern Dark, Lemonheads, Orange Humble Band, The Scruffs (the Aussie edition), Pyramidiacs and too many more to mention dot the collective history. The debut album, “Rx”, seals the deal with a dose of raucous guitars, powerful dynamics and pop smarts.

    We spoke to singer-guitarist Ryan Ellsmore to get the lowdown and what makes a great Heavy Pop record.

  • stu crawling backIn the ever-evolving landscape of Australian rock and pop, Stu Wilson, the rhythmic backbone behind acts like Lime SpidersChris Masuak’s Dog Soldier, Aberration and New Christs, steps into the spotlight with his latest project, Stu & The Connections

    Their new single, "Crawling Back to You" b/w "Best Of Me," marks a departure into a realm that's darker, moodier, yet unmistakably Stu.  

    It intertwines Stu's signature pop sensibilities with a more brooding undercurrent, a blend that's as intoxicating as it is introspective. 

    The flip side, "Best Of Me," offers a lyrical introspection matched with an acoustic backdrop that's both raw and refined. This release showcases the band's versatility, navigating the fine line between rock's ruggedness and pop's catchy melodies.

    Both tracks are available digitally now on Bandcamp.

    Check the video after the MORE link.

  • stustustudioCollaborations from Stustustudio – Stu & The Connections (Crankinhaus)

    Vaguely new wave-sounding pop from a combo led by well-credentialled Sydney drummer Stu Wilson (Loose Pills, Hammerfish, Aberration and ex-Lime Spiders, New Christs, Chris Masuak & The Harbour City Wave Riders,and the Soul Movers) and it’s damned good. Six tracks  - one a stripped-down alternate version – that showcase some adept song-writing and a disclination to be pigeonholed.

    Stu’s one of the rare breed of drummers who sing - and that even rarer strain of drummers who sing well. He’s in the upper register and writes pop songs to suit. Wilson gets a bit of assistance – Sienna Egan,vocalist for his other current band The Rivers is prominent among a list of notable collaborators that includes bassist Andy Newman (ME-262, The Visitors). Matt Galvin (Barbarellas, Happy Hate Me Nots) and Ryan Elsmore (Loose Pills).

  • the crisps ep lgeStalwarts of the Sydney underground scene of the 1990s, The Crisps have reunited for a brief tour and the release of their self-titled EP.

    The Crisps were regarded as something of a supergroup back in the day. Comprising Stu Wilson (New Christs), Graham “Hoody” Hood (The Johnnys), Dave Thomas (Doomfoxx) and Chris Nacard (Orange County), they punched out a memorable and melodic brand of garage rock. That’s reflected on the six-track EP they have released through Vi-Nil Records,available on pink vinyl only here.

    The Crisps
    Reformation and EP Launches
    5 – Newcastle, Hamilton Station Hotel
    + Drugs in Sport + Shacked
    7 – Sydney, Marrickville Bowlo
    + Pocket Watch + The Hot Ness
    8 – Newcastle, Hiss & Crackle Wallsend (instore)
           Woy Woy, Link n Pin + Meth Haul
    9 – Sydney, Manly Boatshed
    + Sonic Garage + 4 Barrel Hemi
    13 – Canberra, Smiths Alternative
    + Pilots of Baalbek + Undermines
    14 – Bendigo
    15 – Workman’s Club, Brunswick (arvo)
             Melbourne, The Tote (upstairs) +  The Dallas Terrors + Three Broads and a Gun
    21 - Enmore, NSW, Route 66 (in-store)
    22- MoshPit, St Peters, NSW (3-6pm) + The Jean Wilders + The Jane Does

  • crawling back to youCrawling Back To You – Stu & The Connections (Crankinhaus Records)

    There’s a lot of ground covered on this mini-album (digital only) from Stu Wilson and his all-star collective The Connections. The drummer with Lime Spiders, New Christs, The Crisps, Loose Pills, Leadfinger, Aberration and Chris Masuak & Dog Soldier, Stu contributes lead vocals, keyboards harmonica, drums and percussion..

    Looking at his c.v., you might have certain expectations. Leave your preconceptions at the door. This is a cohesive collection of  seven songs that cajole and captivate rather than assault. 

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