the toys

  • new toys cdSay It - New Toys (13th Street Records)

    The years 1979-82 were stellar for power-pop, with many pundits looking back with a great deal of affection for bands such as The Knack, the Romantics, Nick Lowe, Greg Kihn, Dwight Twilley and so on.All giants of the genre, with lesser-known acts such as the Shoes, the Records, 20/20and The Beat also holding their place amongst power pop fans.

    Yet there was one band from New York City on par with any of them: New Toys.

    New Toys released one album of stupendous, melodic power pop called “Say It” in 1982. Long out of print, it was recently re-issued by 13th Street Records with all songs restored, remixed, and remastered from the original multi-track tapes.