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  • gus ironside 2020GUS IRONSIDE
    Louder Than War and Vive Le Rock magazines

    Whitley Bay, UK

    Top Ten albums of 2020

    Hector Gannet - "Big Harcar" (GUGA Records)
    Fronted by Aaron Duff, the best singer to emerge from North-East England since Eric Burdon, Hector Gannet conjured visceral seascapes celebrating the wild beauty of Northumberland and North Tyneside.

    Snowgoose - "The Making of You" (Glass Modern Records)
    Sublime folk-rock from the Anglo-Scottish outfit's second album.

    Suzie Stapleton - "We Are the Plague" (Negative Prophet Records)
    The promise of Stapleton's early EPs was fully delivered on this stunning debut album.

    Michael J Sheehy - "Distance is the Soul of Beauty" (Lightning Archive)
    A late night slow-burner with shades of the third Velvet Underground album.

    Speedways - "Radio Sounds" (Alien Snatch! Records)
    The new kings of power-pop set out their stall with a flawless album.

    The Hellfire Club - "A Different Song" (Strength in Numbers)
    Rousing Americana with a Glaswegian twist.

  • lockdown hoiidayLockdown Holiday – TV Smith (Easy Action)

    Write about the things you know, the critics say. And when songwriters do, they run the risk of being taken down in a hail of journalistic bullets for crimes like inauthenticity, awkwardness or bandwagon jumping.

    There’s no risk of TV Smith suffering that fate with his latest album, “Lockdown Holiday”, a stark and compelling take on his own experience with the dreaded COVID clusterfuck.

    The ex-Adverts punk is still standing after 50 lives dates were cancelled - a fate shared by many in these fucked-up times. - but his own experience was enlivened, somewhat, by him and his partner being mowed down by The Plague.  following close contact with an infected roadhouse patron in the early stages of the pandemic.

  • Replay The Adverts cvrReplay the Adverts - TV Smith and The Bored Teenagers (Easy Action Records)

    You say you liked the punk stuff at the beginning? If you don't have the first Adverts LP, “Crossing the Red Sea with..”,  or their second, “Cast of Thousands”, then this will do nicely. 

    Sure, we weren't at the fabled 100 Club, or the infamous CBGBs in the Bowery, or the Mermaid in Sparkhill when Swansplayed... but we have our own memories of the fantastic, never to be repeated underground. 

    And, let's face it, the only thing that elevates a shithole is the scene we punters and creatives make. When the scene ebbs and flows away, the shithole is still a shithole. I bet CBGBs is a lot cleaner now (it's a designer clothing shop) and while the 100 Club is still around at a different location, it's well and truly part of the establishment. Perhaps appropriately, the Mermaid stands as a gutted derelict after a fire.