hellacopters now

Swedish high energy rock 'n' roll legends The Hellacopters have released a documentary called "Let's Talk Grande Rock Revisited" to accompany the re-tooled (as in remixed and remastered) double album “Grande Rock Revisited”. 

The doco, directed by Emil Klinta, shows original members Nicke, Robert, Boba and Dregen talking about the idea behind the revisited version of their classic record Grande Rock from 1999, and why they decided to release this new version as a double album.

"Grande Rock” hasn't been available to purchase on vinyl for more than 20 years. This new edition is available as 2LP, 2CD and digital edition all of which contain both the remastered original album as well as a revisited and remixed version with additional guitars by Dregen, plus additional percussion and piano and new backing vocal tracks. 

Just like the original release back in 1999, the vinyl edition exclusively features the Venom cover "Angel Dust" as a bonus track. It’s available via the Nuclear Blast label.