Campaign launches to document rich West Australian underground scene

Way Out West Book Promo Advert from George Matzkov on Vimeo.

It’s high time somebody wrote a book about the heyday of Perth’s underground music scene. Powerpop label (Zero Hour) operator and publisher George Matzkou is doing something about it.

Matzkou has launched a crowdfunding campaign to produce a comprehensive history and limited edition companion CD. “Way Out West” will cover Perth bands from the 1976-89 era.

“For the past 6 years or so I have gathered information about all the Western Australian alternative band scene,” Matzkou explains.

“Along the way I have met and interviewed many musicians of the day and was allowed to go through boxes of archives of tapes, cassettes, posters, flyers and much, much more.

“The archive covers all the name bands that made it and all the bands that didn't. They’re all in here.”
George says the idea of putting it all into a book came after he realised that all these great archives need to be in one place.

“Yeah, there's the internet but it’s not the same as holding a nice physical book while lounging back and listening to some music of the period.

“The CD which will have many previously released and unreleased tracks from the period as well. The music will knock you out and will surely impress. It’s worth the price alone.”

You can buy into the campaign from as little as $A20 and you’ll find the funding page here. Zero Hour’s websiteis where you can buy a swag of Perth music, cheap.


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  • Guest - jj adams

    About time! Anyone living in Sydney in the 1980s and 1990s knows how much we on the East Coast benefitted from the emigration of and regular visits from sandgroper musicians.

    And maybe also time for a reprinting and updating of the book on the Adelaide scene (can't remember the name offhand but have a well-thumbed copy at home!) Again, emigration and visits from croweater musicians also benefitted Sydney.

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