Died Pretty's Ron Peno is on the mend

ron peno recoveringThere’s good news on the medical front for Died Pretty frontman Ron Peno, who has been fighting his own battle with cancer. The band posted a message on Facebook earlier today, indicating that the much-loved singer is on a long road to full recovery:

The program of radio and chemotherapy was successfully completed. Shortly afterwards Ron was operated on to remove the tumour in his oesophagus. The doctors have reported the procedure was completed successfully and they are confident that he will make a full recovery. The operation itself however was a major undertaking (lasting over six hours) and Ron will take an extended period to recover physically.

The good news is that the medical staff are confident that all the cancer has been removed from his body. Naturally there will be extended monitoring of the situation but this is the best possible outcome and we are very grateful for the wonderful job all the medical staff involved have done! We thank everyone for their amazing support and all of the messages of love and positivity.

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  • Guest - Michael

    Great news to hear Ron is going well I have been thinking about how he is and was hoping things would work out ok I just put died pretty CD on and can enjoy knowing there’s a few more years left for Ron

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  • Guest - Paul

    Well done ron been thinking about you stay gold

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  • Guest - jim

    Ron on the mend is great read...
    Watching sweetheart on youtube atm
    What band...what great memories

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  • Guest - Kerri-Anne Scott

    So happy to read this news, thinking of you Ronnie Peno & wishing you a speedy recovery
    Long live the dream of “Ron Peno School of Dance” ?

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  • Guest - kevin

    very happy to hear you're doing well Ron, been following you since the 31st at the 279 club Brisbane. You are truly one of the most gifted singers in rock n' roll , possessing power & deep emotion always giving 110%, looking forward to your next recordings, stay well my friend & never stop.

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  • Guest - Jamie Matthew

    Listening to that great album Trace. Dreamaway is such a brilliant track. Anyway, to Ron I wish good dreams and we shall see you again on the stage with the lads again some day in the near future.

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  • Guest - Krista

    Much love to you, Ron. You have brought so much joy to my husband and me. Died Pretty are one of our all time favourite bands and certainly one if the very best we’ve had the pleasure to see live. Thank you and all the very best for your recovery. I would be over the moon if I get to see you perform again. My husband and I are from Hobart. We saw you guys in the early 90s in Hobart. We had tickets to see you in Sydney before your diagnosis. You are one of our very favourites. Sending light and love. ??

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  • Guest - Steve Griffiths

    Going for a walk & listening to Doughboy Hollow.Still sounds great & relevant.Stopped to google the band & saw that Ron had a run in with cancer.Glad to read he was on the mend.We have lost too many of the gifted ones of late.

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  • Guest - Peter Hines

    A few of my mates and I still talk about how lucky we were to have found Died Pretty so early in Sydney. Unbelievable to follow a band for so long and still can’t wait to see you guys again. We have been blessed.

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  • Guest - Ana Hartley

    So happy the world still has the best Male vocalist around. "live and b strong" for us please!

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