lager than lifeThe production veers towards the threadbare in parts but there's a lug-headed charm about this CD from a blokey band from Perth. "Lager Than Life" is the debut release for Squeeze The Pig. 

At eight tracks long it's too short to be an album and too long to be an EP. Let's stick with the tried and tested label "Mini Album" for the time being.

As if you hadn't guessed from the cover art, "Lager Than Life" is all about fast cars, motorcyles, beer, smokes and rock and roll. It's meat and potatoes and doesn't try to be anything that it isn't.

It's also a varied bag of songs and styles. The band cites Cosmic Psychos, Radio Birdman, the Saints and the early Tatts as influences and they ring true. There's enough slide on "650 Bonneville" to bear out the Rose Tattoo reference and then some, while "Country Trucking' Man" is bogan-country rock. "Someone You Like" is amiable country yobbo twang with a singalong chorus that'd have the most discerning redneck audience joining in.

"Not Goin' Anywhere" toes the straight-up rock and roll line, while "Telephone Song" is more slacker with its mournful "she's pissed me off" vocal and stabbing guitar line.

"I Hate You" is bluesy rock with some tasty licks from guitarist Steve Blee and starts promisingly but doesn't go anywhere. That's redeemed by "Tried To Give Up" where vocalist Ian Lawrie laments:

I tried to give up cigarettes
I tried to give up mull
I tried to give up tock and roll
But life became too dull

The first pressing sold out but there's more on the way, according to Squeeze The Pig's Bandcamp page.