El Humo Te Have Mal b/w Te Pegare - Los Peyotes (Dirty Water)

el humoEvery member of the Record Collector Scum fraternity knows that South America has the BEST acid punk garage bands. To paraphrase somebody with small hands and terrible hair, South American garage bands are TREMENDOUS. Los Peyotes might be the best since Los Yorks.

Hailing from Peru and Argentina, Los Peyotes borrow stylistically from The Sonics and The Music Machine and process it through their own blender of primal yet brutally skilful re-arranging. Both sides of this single are sung in Spanish. Comprendes?

“El Humo Te Have Mal” (“Smoke Makes You Wrong”) leans hard on beefy keyboards and a rumbling bottom end. Ya gotta love a band whose drummer rejoices in the name Pablo Bam Bam, and singer David Peyote’s vocal is just this side of the rubber room's door. 

Flip it over and the vamping keyboards of “Te Pegare” (literally, “I will hit you” - thanks, Google Translate) slaps you around the chops from the get-go, before Mr Peyote unwinds into a rave about fuck-knows-what. He sounds manic and so does the backing behind him. The fuzz tone note that closes it (courtesy of guitarist Rolando Bruno) is appropriate. 

An automatic classic. Time to seek out their long-players. 


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