Monsters b/w Before You Go - DM3 (Spider Music)

monsters 45It’s been a long time between drinks but the DM3 cocktail remains as sweet as ever, without losing any of its bite. This limited edition, double A-sided 45 shows off the Fremantle trio’s trademark tight harmonies and guitar-fuelled melodies, just right.

These tracks were cut, if memory serves me right, after a torrential Sydney storm wiped out the band’s only local show and left them with time on their hands while they re-scheduled. The short-notice session in Michael Carpenter’s HZ Studios has paid dividends. . 

Moonlighting Hoodoo Guru Brad Shepherd guests on extra guitar on “Monsters” which features tasty duelling between him and Dom Mariani and some Who-inspired “Won’t Get Fooled Again” keyboard flourishes. 

“Before You Go” builds quickly into a bouncy slice of pop raunch. A playful vocal interplay and a breakdown kick in before the repeated chorus takes us out.  Pretty classic power pop and you need to snap it up here before it goes. The artwork rocks, as well. 


Tags: dm3, stems, powerpop, dom mariani, before you go

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