Central Coast garage punks Space Boozies kick it off with a foot-to-the-throttle jolter called “Rocket Fuel Mix Up”. Ice broken. Wollongong’s all-girl Fangin’ Felines keep it succinct but tuneful with “Something Inside”. Nitrocris + the Booby Traps = Win. 

But wait, there's more. Rukus slams out a tight piece of punk called “Crime Spree”. Newcastle entrants The Not Nots change down the pac for “Take”. Sydney’s Dirty Slutz have a message about dietary concerns called “Your Girlfriend Eats Shit”. No sense in fucking about.

Leftards' “Change The Date” makes a political statement and history at the same time. It’s surely the first occasion didgeridoo and clapping sticks - courtesy of guest Lowld Stew - have graced an old school punk rock song.

Crapulous Gee Gaw’s “Egg and Sperm Race” is a bracing burst of hardcore that’s spat out like last month's sour milk. “Half a Root” chugs along on the back of the VeeBees’ well-oiled engine room (pun intended) and Ape Rib sound uncannily like Fugazi on “Post Hard War”.

Minor Surgery does it Slits-style with a whiff of Sydney '80s punks Suicide Squad on "Birdserk". Thee Evil Twin's "Motherfuckers All" is one of the best things here.


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