black heart breakers - The I-94 Bar

Hey Sydney. Who's up for a Day At The Pub?

a day at the pub

The event name, “A Day at the Pub”, is exactly what it says - a Sunday date in Sydney with beer and some of Australia’s best rock n’ roll acts. 

Sydney’s Black Heart Breakers have searched through time and space to find a first class line up to bring to you at their home town’s legendary Lansdowne Hotel. Tickets for the gig are ridiculously cheap at $15 each and are available here.

The Day runs from 1pm to midnight on Sunday, August 19 and the line-up is a cracker. Here's a pen picture of each band with some Facebook and YouTube links:

Rotting Out - Black Heart Breakers (self released)

rotting outOnly an old fart would start a review with the statement: "Everything old is new again."

But it is really just to say that way back in the early ‘90s - when big festivals like the Big Day Out involved more people playing musical instruments than laptops - there was a rash of Californian bands pushing a brand of punk rock crossed with powerpop and ska that dominated stages and airwaves.

The Offspring were inspired by seeing Social Distortion at a school dance, The Bay Area’s 624 Gillman Street scene spat out Green Day and Rancid occurred after someone from Operation Ivy watched too many Clash videos. You know the rest.

I-94 Bar