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Drunk and Disorderly is back: Episode 37

Episode 37 of Drunk and Disorderly, the I-94 Bar podcast, is live on MIxcloud. Give it a few days, and it will be on iTunes, Spotify and all your other favourite streaming services. Ain't technology grand? This edition includes music from Aberration, Candy Snatchers, Ronny Dap, Chris Masuak and the Viveiro Wave Ridrs. Mick Medew and the Msmerisers and CTMF (that'd be Billy Childish).

Drunk and Disorderly: Episode 35

Look out honey, we're using technology: Episode 35 of "Drunk and Disorderly" is live. Play it through your browser, through the Mixclud app, share it, whatever. Spread the Rock Action!

Drunk and Disorderly: Episode 36

Yee-ha! Episode 36 is live. You’ll hear from S to S, Heartbrokers, James Williamson and The Pink Hearts, Alejandro Escovedo, The Conspirators, The Hellacopters, Shifting Sands, The Sand Pebbles, Suzie Stapleton, The Scientists, P76, The Yardbirds, Stiff Richards and Mark Taylor (Lipstick Killers).

Episode 38 of Drunk and Disorderly is live

Featuring tracks from Molting Vultures, Datura4, The Stooges, The Dry Retch, Peter Black, Mick Medew,  Johnny Casino, Smalltown Tigers, The Bot Bots, David Johansen, Paul Collins’ Beat and Sunnyboys. 

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