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Grave Consequences - Undead Apes (Mere Noise)

undeadapesBack in in the headier days of the early '90s, I used to laugh out loud at those bands who used to churn out albums duplicating Ramones discs. Now the Ramones are dead (for the most part) and gone, do we need an Australian version of the same thing?

Landfill - Undead Apes (Mere Noise)

landfillIf you are looking for some nice, FM radio-friendly songs with melodies, coherent vocals, studio overdubs and perfect mixes, stop reading now. This album is not for you.

"Landfill" is one fast, fuck-knows-what album that’s like getting a shot of who-knows-what, you-know-where. Getting much info on the band off the internet isn't great but who cares this album is a good, fast 30 minutes of Brisbane punk rock at its best.

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