The Denyals don't go for the throat as much as dial back the tempos and get under the skin. The angst levels on "The Armada Sank" get a bit much before the band tacks on a funny little fast denouement.

At first listen, Gun Addiction play more like a "traditional" punk band with fast tempos and a similar ragged edge. They're a four-piece with a singer up front but have a fuller sound.

Scotchy's vocal ranges from a raucous drawl to an occasionally Rotten-like yowl and you don't need to see the band photos to sense he's a veteran. Most of his singing is in French.

Crami's guitar-work is a large notch above the standard two-chord buzzsaw fare and gives the music a fair chunk of its colour. Great tone and some intricate leads {"Tombstone") are at work here. The rhythm section is adept, as well.

The names won't mean anything to you if you haven't heard them but take my word for it that "Warming Pray", "OKO" and "Teens By Tong" are the pick of the litter.

Both "sides" of the CD were mixed by The Denyals' Errein and mastered by the sonic god of the garage, Jim Diamond, so that might give you extra incentive. That Denyals Bandcamp link below is the one to click if you want to listen or order online.

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