mesmerisers jeff ramLois, Michael, Mick anbd Brian. Jeff Ram photo.

''Something's Going On''
This song is about falling in love (first date) I wrote the lyrics and Brian wrote the music.

Track 3 keeps it anthemic and up-tempo and you can hear the American influence. It's all over these tracks.

“Sweet Dreams'' and ''Exile on Boundary Street” 
Your 40’s can be a tricky time for a lot of guys in involved in music . Exile on Boundary street mirrors the same situation, except by this time I am back home. 

“Thin Line''
Friendships…marriage…family relationships: They sometimes don't mix well in a working musician’s life. It can be a monumental juggling act and all you can do is learn as you go. 

"Open Season"
Got people trying to shoot you down ? Ever feel like like it's “Open Season'' every fucking day ? I've got my career back and I am happier now than I have ever been. That is the best revenge!

''No More Monkeys"
This song was written by our drummer Michael Charles. I think I should let Michael explain this later as the lyrical content is sensitive, although it's a great good-time dance song, favoured by Community  radio as it now turns out.

“Deep River” 
Brian wrote the music and I wrote the lyrics. They follow the same sentiment as “No More Monkeys”.

“Why Did I Fall In Love With You''
Singing about my 40’s again. Better get a grip!

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