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Listening To Gospel Music On The Radio – Moonlight Five (self releseed video single)

"Listening To Gospel Music On The Radio" is the sophomore release from alt blues/country act from Sydney’s northern beaches Moonlight Five. Led by ex-Waxworks and Dwarfthrower frontman and I-94 Bar contributor Edwin Garland (and, no, we won’t hold that last point against him), "Gospel Music" leans heavily into the Tom Waits via-Dylan category, without being derivative.  

Singer-writer Garland’s soulful vocal is laid upon a bed of spacious orchestration from the guitar of John Cobbin (who doubled as mix engineer and also plays with Tamam Shud), while the addition of bass clarinet from renowned orchestral musician Elizabeth Lim adds a unique tonal quality that is new and refreshing.

As a track born out of the COVID-19 era, the accompanying clip adds a surreal US southern almost swamp like atmosphere to the project.

Sonically, the track has some added sheen, being mastered by famed engineer Mike Stavrou, who has worked with acts as diverse as Paul McCartney, Ralph McTell, Eric Burdon, T-Rex and Souxsie and the Banshees. Given that credit list, it’s no surprise the track sounds so pristine.

This song is released out of Aldora Britain Records and is garnering international airplay across Europe and their homeland. As a follow up to "Lockdown Blues", "Listening To Gospel Music On The Radio" is building a bigger picture of what to expect from this act as they emerge from COVID induced lockdown and head to the live realm in 2022.

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