Dionne Warwick @ Paris Olympia, France. 1966
Still one of the best singing voices I’ve ever heard.  Preferably with Burt Bacharach playing piano.  Absinthe, of course. 

Frank Sinatra @ The Sands - Las Vegas, USA. 1966
Count Basie and Quincey Jones running the band.  Entertainment for Mafia stooges and working people on a night out.  Old Blue Eyes’ last stand. Assorted shots. 

Sex Pistols - @ Longhorn Ballroom, Dallas, Texas, USA. January 10t, 1978
Well, I know it’s obvious, they had to get a look-in somewhere.They sure did fire up a 15-year-old me. Pharmaceutical grade amphetamine. 

Velvet Underground @ The Dom, New York City. April, 1966
With Nico. I’d start a band the next day same as everyone who saw them. Heroin, preferably pink rocks or Turkish mud, hopefully I wouldn’t nod off for the entire show. 

Jackie Brenson & his Delta Cats (Ike Turner) @ Memphis, Tennessee, USA. Anytime, anywhere. 1951
Some scholars and academics believe “Rocket 88” is the first rock ‘n’ roll song. I’d like to see for myself. Not sure what a suitable drink would be. Maybe Coca Cola as I’d need a night off from all the drunken time travelling.