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  • highway 61 driving southDriving South – Highway 61 (Rum Bar Records)

    The album only took 30 years, a pandemic and a bout of leukaemia to make. The reunification of these four friends three decades after they were a working band produced this very good collection of blues based rock ‘n’ roll. And thank fuck for that.

    I love this album but, hey, I’m a bit biased, being a big fan of everything Frank Meyer, music-wise. Highway 61 is Frank Meyer (Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs) on guitar and vocals. Andy Medway on guitar, Mike Knuton on drums and Russell Loeffler on bass and vocals. 

    Quick backstory: Playing the LA circuit in the early ‘90s, these blokes basically burnt themselves out. As Mike Knuton says, they were playing as many gigs as they could get. They split up but remained close. Then Andy Medway was diagnosed with leukaemia.

    Frank Meyer (Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs, Trading Aces, Highway 61) Top Ten Records for 2023:

    The Dwarves - "Concept Album"
    Blag Dahlia knows how to write a hook, that’s for sure. Be it a pop hook, a rock hook, a hardcore hook, a brutally heavy metal hook, the guys just knowns that every song boils down the hook. And he always keeps it short and sweet. Don’t bore us, get to the chorus. I appreciate the call to action, the brevity and the sense of humor.

    Fishbone - "Self-Titled" EP
    Been loving this band since I was a wee teen and this EP reminds me why. When these guys get down to business, they write fantastic pop songs that touch on many genres at once, rock, metal, punk, funk, reggae, ska, soul, jazz, and more. Yet for all of it’s bold musical fortitude, it always seems effortless, wild and fun. It’s a magical combination.
  •  ron brown 2023

    01 - L7 in Melbourne. 
    This was a blast. Playing “Bricks Are Heavy” in full ,plus all those other wonderful tracks from the ‘90s. It’s number-one because it’s recent.

    02 MONAROS – “Can’t Polish a Turd.
    As good as it gets. What a bloody great record with songs like “Kareen”, “Best Cop In Town” and the awesome “Mum Washed Me Cum Sock”. It’s a no-brainer for the #2 slot.