highway 61 driving southDriving South – Highway 61 (Rum Bar Records)

The album only took 30 years, a pandemic and a bout of leukaemia to make. The reunification of these four friends three decades after they were a working band produced this very good collection of blues based rock ‘n’ roll. And thank fuck for that.

I love this album but, hey, I’m a bit biased, being a big fan of everything Frank Meyer, music-wise. Highway 61 is Frank Meyer (Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs) on guitar and vocals. Andy Medway on guitar, Mike Knuton on drums and Russell Loeffler on bass and vocals. 

Quick backstory: Playing the LA circuit in the early ‘90s, these blokes basically burnt themselves out. As Mike Knuton says, they were playing as many gigs as they could get. They split up but remained close. Then Andy Medway was diagnosed with leukaemia.

His mates did what musicians and friends do - they gathered to play some tunes and record them. Medway did it tough but had his friends for support. Now in remission, he says:  “The healing power of music cannot be underestimated”.

So gathering in 2022 at Kitten Robot Studios in California during COVID, they recorded 10 wonderful tunes.

Here is a quick guide to how I heard these tracks at The Farmhouse in Dimboola, Victoria, Australia (and as I only had kangaroos and a few cows in earshot, they were played bloody loud.)

WALK IN WATER:  Kick arse guitar 

BAD DAY: Very groovy track, great harp playing.

BABY WHERE’D YOU STAY:  This is foot stomping goodness; Great tune probably my favourite song on the album. 

BLACK MAGIC: First single from the album and its a well crafted tune. Fabulous, I say.

MIDNIGHT TRAIN:  The bass guitar drives this track. 

BREATH AWAY:  Well, this tune just rocks. A great riff is driving this track. 

STRANGER:  One word: Boogie.

DOWNTOWN GIRL: Very funky track. Makes you smile, does this tune.

SUPERNATURAL MONEY: Has a Hendrix sorta feel about it

BREATH:  Slowed-down blues played at its finest. 

So I-94 Barflies, this is a great album and available (digital and CD) via Bandcamp at the Highway 61 page and on streaming platforms. You can also get into some other tracks at Bandcamp that are just as good as this album. 

Highly recommended for any blues-based rock ‘n’ roll lovers.

Well, folks, all the best from The Farmhouse. Take care. 

five5 Beers please, Barman 

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