• ssd resurrectedResurrected – SSD (self released)

    Based out of Hervey Bay in Queensland, SSD played every bar they could fine in the 1980s. They toured constantly, playing a mix of covers and some originals until way too much alcohol - and life - got in the way. So they decided to call time on the band…but not their friendship.

    Fast-forward to 2023: SSD’s former members all found themselves living in good old Melbourne town - so why not record those originals that were written so long ago? Thank fuck they did because this six pack of tunes is a blast from start to finish.

  • rip shit or bustRip Shit or Bust - S.S.D. (self released)

    Hello I-94 Barflies, hope you’re all well. “Rip Shit Or Bust” is the new four-song EP from Queensland underground punk rockers SSD. With members all over the country, it took a bit of time to follow-up the excellent “Resurrected” EP. 

    “Rip Shit or Bust” just grooves. It really is a strong effort.