SSD are Ronny “Dap” Dapic, the Dope Smoking Moron and King of Bungalow Rock on drums and vocals. Then you have the brothers Marlow: Rick “Ruin” Marlow on guitar and vocals and Darren Marlow on bass and lead vocals.

“SSD Resurrected” is all that’s good about Australian pub rock. This EP is really bloody good. Great vocals, great tunes, some wonderful guitar playing and awesome drumming. It’s bloody good. Really bloody good.

“That’s What You Get” kicks the disc into life with some raunchy riffing. “Pub Crawling” has a 

wonderful lyric and it rocks, big time. Great track. “Leave Home” is some mighty fine DIY garage rock that keeps it old school, baby.

“Climb” is 56 seconds of total madness with some crunching wah wah. I adore this little blast of mayhem. 

“Gimme Gimme Rock ‘n’ Roll” and “I Hate The Blues” can be heard on Dap’s solo stuff but I must say that with a little polish from The Marlow Brothers, these tunes have a new lease of life. “I Hate The Blues” is a classic just waiting for some airplay, and I’m sure it would knock Taylor Swift off number-one if only some dumb fucking disc jockey (are they still called that?) gave it some air-time.

Rick Marlow produced and has done a marvellous job, getting these songs to sound as clean - or dirty - as required. 

“SSD Resurrected” is a mighty fine way to resurrect these tunes. I, for one, are very pleased they found the time to complete these tunes - even if it took a bit longer than anyone expected. Better late than never, me Mum used to say. 

So get this on Bandcamp. Turn it up loud. It’s only a tenner to download. What better way could there be to spend your Melbourne Cup winnings? So I’m giving this SIX BEERS - one for each track.

Oh, and keep your ears open: There might be something special coming around Christmas (heads up) from The Farmhouse. Take care, I-94 Barflies, and gamble responsibly.