Right...2023 from Birminghamham in the UK...here we go...

1 Civic – “Taken by Force”
Great follow up to their first record. Produced by Rob Younger and carrying on the great tradition of Oz rock'n'roll in the good old Saints/Birdman fashion.

2 Skull Practitioners – “Negative Stars”
Steve Wynn/Dream Syndicate
guitarist Jason Victor's own thing...Great record...Power trio taking in Proto...Post...And everything in-between..!

3 Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions – “Vol 4 - The Task Has Overwhelmed Us”
Fourth and possibly last of these compilations. All the usual suspects: Cave..Lanegan etc...Great.


4 Alice Cooper – “Killer” and “School’s Out”
Great reissues of these two fine albums, but the real reason for getting them again is the live stuff.. The original Alice Cooper Group at the peak of their powers.!!

5 Cat Power – “Sings Dylan”
A fairly straight run through of the famous 66 Albert Hall Concert - but her voice is magic..!!

6. The Stooges – “The Truth is in the Sound We Make”
Great book from Easy Action. A real thing of beauty. No it ain't cheap but a must for all Stooges fans..

7 Radio Birdman – “When the Birdmen Flew”
Another book...Another thing of beauty!!

8 Hound Dog Taylor. – “Goodnight Boogie”
Great book...What a ride...The House Rockers were the real deal!!!

9 Steve Turner – “Mudride”
Interesting tale of a life in grunge. You can't help but love those Mudhoney guys...???!!

10 Thurston Moore – “Sonic Life”
The life and times of the Sonic Youth singer/guitarist.. Goes through the early NY punk scene...No Wave...Grunge...and beyond.

As I spent the second half of the year recovering from a broken ankle didn't get to see many live shows. I did get to see The Jim Jones All Stars in Birmingham who were great and Civic a couple of times - who proved Rock'n'roll doesn't have to be exclusively the property of us old farts!! Happy New Year!!