md horne 2021

1 - Celibate Rifles - “Extract from the Fungus”.
The moment it was released it went to no.1 in my charts.

2 - Drugs in Sport – “At Least We’ll Always Have Rock and Roll To Fall Back On” (OuttaSpace).
Label mates. Top, top pop album which I am playing every day.

3 - Chimers - "Chimers" (Poop Alley Records)
Was on the full time playlist for numerous weeks this year.

4 - Johnny Casino - "Twenty Twenty”, “Another Girl” and “Heartful of Soul” with Xabi Garre (Señor No).
Three singles. The brother keeps churning out excellence year after year.

5 - Handsome Young Strangers – “Black Dog Kicker”.
A great, great song that kicks real arse.

6 - Bagful of Beez – “Do Androids Dream of Electric Beatles” (Cheersquad).
Link Meanie is a genius on many levels. This album continues that tradition. Awesome album.

7 - Restless Leg – “Dream Buffet”.
A wonderful exponent of indy Australian music.

8 - Jupiter V - “H-Bomb“ b/w  ”Supersonic Hero”.
If you’re going to play Garage Rock you play it like these fellas. Superb

Equal 8th: Thee Cha Ch Chas – “Stormy Seas”.
Most fun live act and sings going around.

9 - Carrie Phillis, - “Getaway”.
A piece of work that I was proud to help Carrie release. A beautiful song Carrie wrote with her voice as the main instrument. Love it.

10 – Civic – “Future Forecast”.
One helluva great Rock and Roll album.

Overseas release. Reigning Sound – “A Little More Time With Reigning Sound”.
A long awaited album that does not disappoint any of us real fans.

MD Horne and The Last Call's album "High Tides, More Crimes" is out now on Outtaspace Records  and is available here