ursula 2021 by Bec LeeBec Lee photo

Hi all. This is my first Top Ten. Happy 2022 to you all.

1.In May this year I married my partner in life, and now in music, Mick Medew. Taking the self-appointed term “Brisbane power couple” to the next level was a most fun and loving day and to be surrounded by our families and friends was truly lucky, considering these times.

2.In April Mick Medew and Ursula (the Meduo) were invited to support two shows with Died Pretty at The Triffid in Brisbane. I wanted to look my best, so an online acquisition from Spotlight, meant fringing kept me busy sewing. But I still had time to practise with Mick and the whole night was amazing! Plus I got to see Died Pretty perform twice in one night. It was lovely spending time with the blokes backstage too...

3. In June, I got to see Ed Kuepper and Jim White perform at The Triffid. Ed played all my favourite songs (which are all of them) and Jim White's drumming and flourishes made it a must-see performance. As my friend, Mary Doolan, said on the night, “Ed never disappoints”. I got my photo taken with Ed and it seemed like, maybe life was back to normal.

4. In May, Mick and I saw Dave Graney and Clare Moore play at The Junk Bar. After watching them so many times playing their online shows, it was like seeing old friends again! Dave even did a version of “Rock n Roll is Where I Hide”. I always love it when Clare Moore whips out her melodica too. A woman of many talents! And her weekly array of fashionable vintage outfits is worth the price of admission alone! Clare Moore messaged me after and suggested that her and Dave would like to be Mick Medew and Ursula's rhythm section next time we come to perform in Melbourne. I think that would be a fine idea!!!!!! No audition required.

5. During this year Mick Medew and I have been recording our new album, which has been a most pleasant experience due to Brian Mann being at the helm. We also did a fantastic photo shoot in my brother's suburban backyard and film clip with the very talented Tracey Walker. All will be revealed early next year. Thanks to Mick for giving me much encouragement to start playing music again and for being the talent in this duo. His songs just keep getting better. Many black keys were used!

6. Clinton Walker put out an interesting book out this year called "Suburban Songbook" all about Australian songs. I heard an interview with him on Dave Graney's weekly show, “Banana Lounge” on 3RRR. It was fascinating hearing both these music tragics talking. So much so that I suggested to Mick that I would like if. Clinton autographed my copy. To a true tragic...Guilty! and honoured at the same time. That Walker brother/sister are a dynamic duo!

7. I started listening to podcasts this year while walking and one that stood out was “Almost A Mirror”, by Melbourne writer Kirsten Krauth. Each episode is about an Australian song. Episode 1 was “Nick The Stripper”. Ep2 was “Zoo Music Girl” and her latest is “(I'm) Stranded”. I was very happy to be interviewed for that one by Kirsten. It’s a great episode with fantastic interviews with Chris Bailey. Tex Perkins and more. Kirsten asked me if I lived close to Ed Kuepper Park, could I film it and do a running commentary for her? I was honoured to, even though I’d live closer to Tex Perkins Park (if he had one)

8. On Sunday 19th December, after six months of organisation, a show called “Return to White Chairs Vol 3”, occurred at The Triffid. It was a collection of 10 bands getting together to celebrate punk/post punk indie Brisbane music. One of the many highlights of the night was a performance of “Oh Bondage! Up Yours!” by Brisbane band Koko Uzi, with their drummer Alana out front taking over vocal duties. Also on stage was Ildi from Post No Bills, Annie Peterson from Batswing Saloon, Amro Heard from Whalehouse, Roanne from Blowhard and Lindy Morrison on drums.That's right! Eight women on stage belting out this classic! It was a complete surprise and the place went off!! It was still the subject of conversation over Christmas lunch in households all over Brisbane (maybe, but in ours for sure).

9. At the above event Mick and Ursula played in the afternoon.(I'd made a new fringe top) I was then able to imbibe for the rest of the evening. The band before Mick Medew and The Mesmerisers (who were in tip top form), The Skeletones,,pulled together a line-up with Ed Wreckage's son Che on guitar. They planned to get Marty Razar up to perform Razar's punk classics, “Task Force” and “Stamp Out Disco”, but Marty wasn't allowed in because he couldn't get his vaccination certificate sorted on his uncharged phone (so punk). So singer Shaun invited me up on-stage. He didn't have to ask twice. He knew that I'd know the words as I first sang along to those songs in 1978 as an 18-year-old.and still have the single. I had a blast getting to do back-ups to two of my favourite songs from my youth.

10. FAMILY. My family are simply the best!  When they heard that I was going to be performing at The Triffid, my brothers and sisters all chucked money in and bought me a brand spanking new Casio. My kerbside collection Casio wasn't going to cut it. I also now get to visit my son and his family every week now that they moved back to Brisbane. One grandchild and one's on the way. Life is pretty. pretty, pretty good.

Ursula Collie Medew was a member of Brisbane band Ironing Music in the 1980s and now plays with Mick Medew and Ursula.