old manly boatshed

  • Bahne Super Flex
    DATELINE: Sydney, Australia - They were the product of a CIA experiment; rarely employed, driftless musicians from the 80’s, playing the independent scene, watching hours of American TV…

    They were abducted with the promise of a headline gig, forced hallucinogenic substances in horrific experimentation (and then demanded the CIA did it again), and then cryogenically frozen for the next few decades. It was Night of the Many Deaths, that’s for sure.

    But when a major condenser blew in the refrigeration evaporator, combined with a security guard’s mixed tape playing 70’s favourites through an old boombox, a course of events would be set in motion that not even the Central Intelligence Agency could understand, let alone control.

  • sonic garage floor

    Sydney veterans Sonic Garage will unveil their second album, “Dark Country”, at an early Friday night show at The Old Manly Boatshed on 6 October. 

    Supports are hard rock supergroup Bahne Super Flex, featuring ex-members of the TrilobitesCelibate Rifles and Mushroom Planet, and new comers Capital Romantics.