she feels like a good thingShe Feels Like a Good Thing – Ricky Rat (I-94 Recordings)

Some of you might know Ricky Rat from his many various recorded collaborations and world tours with such rocknroll all-stars as Texas Terri, Kevin K, Bootsey X & The Lovemasters, or even the post-Stiv Dead Boys, but to many of us midwestern punk rockers, he'll always be fondly revered for his trailblazing Detroit glam gang, Trash Brats, who really helped to co-author the ‘80s punk-roll underground scene.

Trash Brats shows were special events when all the diverse rock ‘n’ roll tribes came outta the closet to rub shoulders and get wasted to their joyful, exuberant, power pop mayhem and merriment. All the spiky haired rocker kids knew the words back then. They filled that room with bedlam and we all sang along.

If you came of age in the MTV era, and love bands like The Replacements, the Romantics, the Plimsouls, or Fleshtones, this song'll bring back all your good memories of beautiful girls you used to love, and the wild nights of dancing and drinking and laughs and dressing up wild to go to the show*, that the deepest part of you undeniably still longs for, a little. Ricky's an outstanding guitar player who always writes the songs you wanna drink to. Like many of us, he tends to write lyrics about sadly beautiful, aching to be, artistic girls, and this latest bubblegum side is reminiscent of stuff like Bash N Pop, or Junk Monkeys, Joan Jett, or Joe Normal.

Ya know what I mean? It'll make you wanna walk to the gas station to pick up a twelve pack, or maybe a $4 pint of Importer's vodka, put on some makeup, turn up the music and dance around on the back porch. I know you're sentimental for the old times and some nights, it gets  saddening, sitting alone, when you recognize so much of it is gone for good this time, but here is a song that'll make you wanna mess and fool around like we used to.

The flipside is an old Rockets cover called, appropriately enough, "Born In Detroit”. Like a six pack of Miller High Life and a cold bottle of Andre Cold duck. 

*Aqua Net and polka dot blouse not included.


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